Empress Falls: A Blue Mountains Waterfall Walk

First things first, dear families; this Empress Falls walk is very steep, it is easy on the way down and very hard on the way up.

But on the plus side, this walk makes for excellent exercise and it is not long, about an hour return… and, most importantly, the waterfall is just gorgeous, especially if you visit after rain, as I did.

Empress Falls Walk 15
Here is a picture of Empress Falls, just to show you that the walk is worth the effort. Who doesn’t love a wonderful waterfall?

Actually, the Empress Falls Walk is only easy on the way down if you are young and fit, we older people might find the knees creaking a fair bit. But honestly, it’s worth it.

NB You can read about more fun things to do in the Blue Mountains with kids here.

Empress Falls Walk
The start of the walk, at Conservation Hut.

Empress Falls: Where To Start

The walk starts at the old Conservation Hut in Wentworth Falls, a delightful old building which is now a cafe – handy for when you finish the walk.

Conservation Hut is just a short way from the Great Western Highway, just turn off into Falls Road and then into Fletcher Street. There is only a small car park at Conservation Hut so you may need to park on the streets around the area and then walk down.

The start of the walk and indeed the entire walk is very well signposted. It starts off with a fairly gentle slope, with some wooden steps as you go.

Empress Falls Walk 14
You will enjoy some stunning views over the Valley of the Waters

The Empress Falls Lookout comes next, with lovely views into the Empress Falls slot canyon and the sound of pounding water.

Then comes the really steep sections.

Empress Falls Walk 3
Eeek! I had to wait for a while to let people come up these narrows steps.
Empress Falls Walk 6
You pass other small waterfalls on the way down too, I loved these stepping stones
Empress Falls Walk 12
It had rained the day before so I was really glad I was wearing proper walking boots. What a delight to hear the waterfalls and to looks at them on the walk.
Empress Falls Walk 4
There are some flatter sections of the walk too, nice to catch your breath
Empress Falls Walk 7
But heaps of the walk is very steep like this – not so bad on the way down
Empress Falls Walk 8
Deep in the canyon, you really are in rainforest
Empress Falls Walk 10
But the waterfall views are well worth it
Empress Falls pool
Look at this lovely pool. I had not brought a cossie and was very regretful. It is fairly small and would be very cold, but refreshing. Next time!
Empress Falls Walk 9

Here’s a tiny video showing the waterfall and small pool.

It is possible to continue on past Empress Falls down to further waterfalls and much longer tracks.

Who goes down, must come up… it took me the same amount of time to walk back up to Conservation Hut as it did to walk down, perhaps because I wasn’t taking any photos.

Empress Falls Walk 11
Do be aware that some parts of the path are pretty gnarly, you do need to be sure-footed
Empress Falls Walk 13
As you near the top the gentler incline is a great relief

After the walk, it’s a great joy to stop at Conservation Hut to enjoy a bowl of soup and to soak in the sweeping views.

Conservation Hut Cafe Wentworth Falls
Conservation Hut Cafe Wentworth Falls 2
Conservation Hut Cafe Wentworth Falls 5
The cafe is in a very attractive, solid hut.
Conservation Hut Cafe Wentworth Falls 4
But the views from the deck are the main attraction.

Check Conservation Hut opening times here. This cafe is undergoing renovations, so do check to see when it re-opens.

Empress Falls Walk 1
You can read all about the various walks around this area at Conservation Hut.

I hope you have enjoyed this look at the steep but short one hour Empress Falls walk. Hopefully your family would enjoy this. I have to admit that my own teenagers were not with me, but I did pass many kids walking with their families, some little ones in backpacks too.

I do advise trying to go when it’s not too hot as climing all the way up on a hot day would be a big challenge.

Plenty water required too, of course, at any time of year!

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Would your family enjoy this lovely waterfall walk in the Blue Mountains?

Would you swim in the small pool at the bottom?

Empress falls waterfall walk

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