Fairfield Adventure park – More photos and info

The main post with all the info on Fairfield Adventure Park is here.

These are some extra photos taken there.

More photos from the adventurous teenagers playground

Fairfield adventure park play
Miss 3 having fun on the spinning wheel
Fairfield adventure park climbing frame
The girls managed to get to the top thanks to the help of older children. As you can see on the right of the photo, the net gaps are quite wide, and so it is the gap between the net and the platform / cubicle.



More photos from the primary-aged playground

Fairfield adventure park primary aged children
Miss 3 year old trying to follow her sisters on a suspended bridge. She got in trouble, so I had to rescue her!


fairfield adventure park
General shot of the nature based with industrial feel playground, ideal for primary aged kids


Fairfield Adventure Park flying fox
Another flying fox here too
Fairfield Adventure Park primary school kids
Climbing frame suitable for primary school aged kids


Fairfield Adventure park nature play
The nature-based play area



More photos from the little ones’ playground

Fairfield Adventure Park
Miss 3 year old having fun
Fairfield Adventure park young children area
There are swings here too and space to run around


Fairfield Leisure Centre Aqua Play
Looking through the fence into the Aqua Play water playground at Fairfield Leisure Centre, fantastic for summer
Fairfield Adventure Park
Fairfield Sports Baseball Club super casual area to sit down next to the canteen


Read all the info you need to plan a trip to Fairfield Adventure park on this post. There are many more photos there too.



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  1. says: Michael

    Ooft. That looks like an awesome playground in the West that I haven’t came across yet. Will surely bring the kids there next time. Great find.

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