Fairfield Adventure Park – Fab Playground in Western Sydney

Would you look at those fantastic slides!! Fairfield Adventure Park is an amazing playground in the heart of Fairfield Park. No wonder it appears as one of the best playgrounds in Sydney in every Google search.

Fairfield Adventure Park
Fairfield Adventure Park, the teenagers’ section. The kids are ready for the adventure! Impressive climbing net and slides

If you haven’t had the chance to take your children to this park and playground yet, it is a must-visit, especially if you have adventurous children. This is definitely one of the best playgrounds for teenagers too.

Fairfeild Adventure Park balance beams giant swimg
The giant swing and the balance beam at the older kids’ section
Fairfield Adventure Playground 22

Fairfield Adventure Park

Address:  Vine Street, Fairfield NSW 2165

(see map below)

By Mireia Garriga Seguranyes

This park offers a big variety of playground equipment suitable for lots of different ages, which is ideal for families that have more than two kids. 

But a note of warning to those with young children; Fairfield Adventure Park is not fenced, it is very big and it can be quite crowded, so it can be difficult to keep an eye on little children. Keep your eyes peeled.

Fairfield Adventure Park climbing
Climbing high

Children cannot get bored in Fairfield Adventure Park! It satisfies the needs of the most agile, but also has enough elements for the ones that prefer a less active play.

For teenagers: The star of the playground is -without a doubt- the 11-metre tall spider web-climbing frame that provides access to three long tube slides.

My Miss 5 and Miss 7 couldn’t help themselves ran straight to it. I was glad to see that some teens helped them to reach the top.

The gap between the net and the platform is obviously designed for teens and not for early primary school kids.

Also, this zone has a double 33 metre long flying fox, different types of swings, a balancing rope, a sandpit, two different types of spinning wheels and a little trampoline.

Tip: if you have a big gap between children, don’t forget to bring the buckets and spades! Meanwhile the older go to the thrilling slides, the little will keep entertained playing with the sand in the sandpit.

NB some people google for ‘Fairfield Adventure Park entry fee’ but there’s no fee, it’s FREE.

Fairfield Adventure park flying fox at teenagers playground
The super-long flying fox at the teenagers’ playground
Fairfield adventure park
Climbing with a robe frame, perfect for the age of my children at the primary school age playground

For primary school aged children: Tucked away and close to the toilets block, there is a nature-inspired with an industrial-feel playground area that is ideal for primary school aged children.

My daughters, except Miss 3, had a blast. When they saw the suspended bridges and platforms, they ran crazily towards them. They were like two little monkeys playing in the jungle!

Besides the bridges, there are some clever structures made with wood and tyres and, you will not believe it, another double flying fox!!!

Fairfield adventure playground
Miss 3 year old finally had the change to climb by herself and without needing help

Some of the structures are also suitable for intrepid little children. So, Miss 3 year old was happy when she finally had the chance to enjoy the afternoon.

Fairfield Adventure Playground 12
Climbing net which leads to a suspended bridge
Fairfield Adventure Park
Spinning wheel and climbing frame with slide for the little ones

For young children: In between the teenagers’ playground and the nature-based playground), there is an area that is suitable for young children.

Miss 3 year old felt comfortable climbing the frame and sliding down the slippery dip. Also, there are swings and a cone shape nmerry-go-round.

Fairfield Adventure Park roundabout
Getting a bit dizzy on the roundabout

Other facilities: picnic and barbecue shelters, toilets, sports grounds and fitness circuit.

Toilets: Yes, including disabled toilets.

Nearest takeaway coffee: BYO in winter season. The kiosk of the Fairfield Leisure Centre is only open during summer.

Also, the canteen of the Fairfield Sports Baseball Club sells hot food and cold drinks though the opening hours vary.

Enclosed: No

Shade: some areas are totally exposed. But, the big playground has some sails, big trees and picnic shelters.

Fairfield Adventure Playground 17

Mum’s report:  Although Fairfield Adventure Playground was designed for early teens, you can still go there with younger children, as it has two more playground areas (besides the giant slides and mega climbing structure). This is a real school holiday treat, my kids often ask to go to the Adventure Park Fairfield!

It is such an amazing playground that your children will ask you to go back.

Fairfield Leisure Centre is literally around the corner. With its Aqua Play Water Park, it is ideal for young children in summer. Swimming and a good playground is always an excellent plan!

My advice: If you hate crowds but want to visit in school holidays or on sunny weekends, go to Fairfield Adventure Park early! 

Nearest station: Fairfield Railway Station, which is served by Sydney Trains T2 Inner West & South and T5 Cumberland line services. Fairfield Railway station is wheelchair and pram accessible as it has elevators. It takes approximately 10 min to walk to the park.

Bus stop nearby:

Parking: Yes, plenty, and it is free!

Well done Fairfield City Council!

Fairfield Adventure Park
There’s also an exercise station for adults… and kids enjoy it too

Visiting Fairfield Adventure Park was an adventure for us. Yes, it sounds redundant, but it was, for real –as my daughters would say-.

I must confess that I freaked out, when Miss 5 years old and Miss 7 years old climbed up so high. On the other hand, I have to tell you a secret: I was relieved, when my daughters told me: “Mama, these slides were too big for us.”

Fairfield Adventure Playground 1

Fairfield Adventure Park Map

More photos of the teenagers’ playground

Fairfield adventure park play
Miss 3 having fun on the spinning wheel
Fairfield adventure park climbing frame
The girls managed to get to the top thanks to the help of older children. As you can see on the right of the photo, the net gaps are quite wide, and so it is the gap between the net and the platform / cubicle.

More photos from the primary-aged playground

Fairfield adventure park primary aged children
Miss 3 year old trying to follow her sisters on a suspended bridge. She got in trouble, so I had to rescue her!
fairfield adventure park
General shot of the nature based with industrial feel playground, ideal for primary aged kids
Fairfield Adventure Park flying fox
Another flying fox here too
Fairfield Adventure Park primary school kids
Climbing frame suitable for primary school aged kids
Fairfield Adventure park nature play
The nature-based play area

More photos from the little ones’ playground

Fairfield Adventure Park
Miss 3 year old having fun
Fairfield Adventure park young children area
There are swings here too and space to run around
Fairfield Leisure Centre Aqua Play
Looking through the fence into the Aqua Play water playground at Fairfield Leisure Centre, fantastic for summer
Fairfield Adventure Park
Fairfield Sports Baseball Club super casual area to sit down next to the canteen

If you are looking to visit other parks in Fairfield when you visit this one, maybe a quieter Fairfield Park to have a picnic, check out the list on Fairfield Council website here.

Do you have any teenagers (or older children than mine) at home that they are addicted to screens?

It is time to surprise them. Take them to the Fairfield Adventure Park!!!

Or, write this one down for the near future. Our children grow fast, isn’t it true?

Have you been to this playground?

Can you share any tips for a successful visit?


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  1. says: tesh

    Found this park on here today! And I took 6 kids there from the ages of 12 down to 3 they all loved it!!
    The sides are huge i even went down them. Great park!

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Fantastic to hear Tesh, nothing better than hearing of loads of kids all playing outside in the fresh air and having a blast.

      1. says: Seana Smith

        My belief is that they are not. I don’t think any playgrounds allow dogs in. But you could double check with council.

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