Family Fun at Jervis Bay – The Bay and Basin Pool

So what do you do at Jervis Bay on a rainy day?

Yes, I know, it’s a horrifying prospect, but we cannot tell a lie.

The weather is bad occasionally at Jervis Bay. Sad but true.

We often pack all the kids in the car and scoot up the road to the Bay and Basin Leisure Centre.  The pool there is the big attraction.  The 40m long slide is our kids’ particular favourite.

Water feature in the leisure pool, and you can see the slide behind.

Many times I have spent waiting for kids to fly out like this!

Bay and Basin Leisure Centre

Wool Road, Vincentia

Tel:  (02) 4406 2022

Website: click here

Here you will find four indoor pools: 25m pool, great for laps, leisure pool, toddler pool.  40m slide too!

There is a cafe near the pool, plus a sports shop.

The Leisure Centre also has a gym and classes, casual rates may apply.

For opening hours, please check website as they do vary.

Leisure pool, you can see the fenced heated spa at the rear: no kids allowed!

Little kids splashing pool with bubbles.

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So, if you don’t fancy a trip to the movies, I might catch you here on the next wet weekend at Jervis Bay.

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Posted on: March 22, 2012


  • Lol, and have you ever been down the slide yourself Seana?!

    • Reply March 22, 2012


      Oh Annabel, I have been down that slide hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times!! Last time we were there I did leave the kids to get on with it whilst I paid a bit extra to go into the warm, bubbly spa. Over 16 years only! The kids were outraged!! It doesn’t look pretty as it has a fence round it, but it kept the children out.

      How much easier is the life of a mum when the kids are water safe??

      • So glad you’ve been down the slide and not just waited for people to pop out. Oh that’s bliss. I thank the gods every day that my kids are older and I can let them do just about anything without having to stand 2 feet behind them. Could never go back to the baby and toddler raising years. Congrats on having all yours in school now. That’s a major milestone!

  • Reply March 1, 2014

    Lilian Hii

    Hi Seanna
    i want to ask where is the best place to stay at Jervis Bay with kids age 4&6?



    • Reply March 2, 2014

      Seana Smith

      Well a house is always good, from Stayz, or a cabin at White Sands Holiday Park. Or Huskisson B and B has a family suite with two rooms.

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