Faulkland Crescent Reserve and Playgrounds, Kings Park

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Faulkland Crescent Reserve

Faulkland Crescent, Kings Park

By Melanie Cross

Faulkland Crescent Reserve is around 16 hectares in total, with two playground areas, picnic facilities, woodland areas and an off the lead, fenced dog park.

There are various entrances from Faulkland Crescent, Madagascar Road and Camorta Close with excellent wide paths running all through the reserve.


At its peak it is the highest point in the area meaning that there are lots of hills to tire out little ones on foot, bikes and scooters and as there are no public roads through the park it’s an excellent place for adventurous kids and very popular with dog walkers.


It is well worth climbing the hill to the top of the park as you are rewarded with panoramic views over the Blue Mountains. The park is beautifully maintained by both the council and a volunteer group who care for the critically endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland vegetation.

The larger of the two playground areas is best accessed from the main Faulkland Crescent entrance. This area is great for school aged kids who like to climb with forts accessed by ladders, poles and climbing walls and slides to come back down.


There are also swings and monkey bars. This playground is naturally shaded by the surrounding trees and there is a picnic shelter beside it.

Younger children also love this playground but need to be closely supervised as there are a number of potential falling hazards from various heights.


The smaller playground is best accessed from the Comorta Close entrance and is beside the fenced dog park. This playground is just brilliant for toddlers and pre-schoolers as there are loads of ground level activities, easy to manoeuvre steps and gangways to the top of 2 gentle slides, one made of rollers that my kids really love.

There’s even a ‘’learn to read braille’’ panel. The biggest disadvantage to this playground is that it has zero shade and is absolutely roasting in the summer.


 Toilets/Baby change:      No

Nearest takeaway coffee:  Bring your own!

 Enclosed:   No

Shade:   Yes for the larger playground, no for the smaller one

Parking:  Street parking near all entrances

Mum’s report:  A beautifully maintained reserve with lots to do, lack of toilets is the biggest drawback

Extra:  Perfect for families with fur babies as well as human ones!




Sounds like a great place to race around with the kids, thank you Melanie!






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Posted on: October 19, 2016


  • Reply October 20, 2016


    Hi Seana, This is such a lovely park. My four year old daughter will love it.

    • Reply October 20, 2016

      Seana Smith

      Great to hear Crystal, hope you both have a lovely time there.

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