Fiji Family Holidays – Five Islands Tour

If I could live underwater on a coral reef, I’d be delighted.

Is there anywhere better to be?

So when my hubby, Dexbox and Rusty Rocket went ziplining, myself, Minnie the Minx and Giant Teen15 set off an a tropical island adventure.

Come along on a voyage-by-photograph with us.

Stop by to see the one minute video of the coral reef we snorkelled over.

whales tale schooner

We sailed with Whales Tale, a 100 foot schooner, out of Port Denaru, after an hour-long bus trip from our hotel on the Coral Coast.

The boat does daily trips around the islands, stopping for lunch and snorkelling on a tiny island about two hour voyage away.

There were travellers from all over the world on the boat, and many were very friendly.

Champagne is served on departure and then there are soft and alcoholic drinks available throughout the day.

By the end of the trip some passengers were VERY friendly, and VERY talkative, and the odd one was falling-about-drunk.  Not I !

Fiji Islands Day Trip Whales Tale

Enjoying some shade on the foredeck

Fiji Island Day trip Whales Tale

Love a bit of rigging.

Fiji island day trip

One of the lovely islands we passed by.

fiji island day trip guitar players

The crew serenaded us as we sailed along. Tough life.

Fiji Island day trip

And here’s the little island we went to

Fiji island day trip little boat

We snorkelled and then Minnie and I went out fishing in this little boat.

Fiji island day trip fishing

Minnie the Minx didn’t catch anything.

But others did!

Meanwhile Giant Teen15 had borrowed the guitar.

Fiji Island cruise

And a happy snap just before we left.

And the coral??  Click below for a one minute video of what we saw.

Bear in mind I had Minnie clinging to my back as we snorkelled!

Love, love, love a coral reef!

It’s 25 years since I first went snorkelling and scuba diving on a coral reef!

It’s a jungle down there.

CANNOT WAIT to go on another tropical island underwater adventure.

Do you love ’em too?


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