Fiji Family Holidays – Zipline Fiji Day Trip

I really enjoyed lounging around during our recent family holiday in Fiji.

I had never, ever been to a resort before I had the children. Now I can’t go often enough.

Where’s my adventurous spirit?

Well, the kids have dissipated it quite a lot, BUT… we did enjoy some fun day trips and here’s one of them.


Take a bow, ZipFiji.

Now I didn’t go on this day trip myself, but for sure I will be ziplining on our next Fiji holiday.

ZipFiji has set up some awesome flying foxes in the canopies of the tallest trees in the forest. It’s super spectactular and hugely thrilling.

Our Intn’l Man of Mystery went along with Dexbox and Rusty Rocket.  All were initially totally terrified when they pushed off and zipped through the jungle.

They came back raving about it. And even better, they brought some video back.

Here’s a one minute video of their adventures under the canopies.

Next review will be of a day trip cruising around the islands ie my idea of heaven.

Though I’m not sure the day long free booze was a good idea.

Do you love a flying fox?

Would your kids enjoy a bit of ziplining?


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Disclaimer – no disclaimer! My husband paid for this trip. I cannot bear to look at our Visa statement at the moment!!

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