Tips on Finding Full Time Care In School Holidays

Over the yars, I have sent my kids to all sorts of full time care in school holidays.  Some were classes, most called themselves camps.

Finding full time care for kids is a lifesaver for working parents, but it can be both tricky and expensive.

Anyway, here’s what I have learned.


Your local council offers the best priced vacation care

As an example look at Cumberland’s Vacation Care here.  Bargain at $51 – $56 a day (but some subsidies can also reduce this.)

My local council is the Northern Beaches, see their vacation care offerings here.


The YMCA Offers Vacation Care

Again this is well priced and widely available, check the website here.


NSW Dept of Sport + Rec Has Residential and Day Camps

Sport and Recreation camps are available for children aged 7 – 16 years at centres around NSW.  These range from general sports activities to surfing, and cooking.

Check the full range of Sport and Rec camps here.

My twins once did a Kids Cooking Camp at Milson Island for a week when they were only eight. They went with an older friend and really enjoyed it.

There are also day camps on offer. Do go and have a look and read the parent information thoroughly.


Tennis Camps Are Often Good Value

I’ve sent my kids to all sorts of sports camps, their favourites being soccer and cricket. Some of these cost an absolute fortune.

They have also been to tennis camps and these always had longer hours of care on offer, whilst costing less. Why is that?

Anyway, I think that checking in with your local tennis centres is always a wise plan when you’re searching for school holiday care.


Swaps With Friends

We have no family here in Sydney so I have always been terribly envious of friends whose kids could be looked after by grandparents and aunties and uncles.

However, myself and friends have got into some good habits of swapping our kids around. I’d take a few extras out with me and then another day mine could go over to play at my friend’s house.


Holiday Care For Teenagers – Eek!

It’s so hard to find classes and camps for kids over 12… yet teenagers need to be kept an eye on as much if not more than younger kids.

So camps where the kids go away are great, if pricey.  Having one activity at least a day can be good too…. a class or a workshop just to get them out and about.



Will add more to this article as other people share their top tips too.




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Posted on: July 25, 2019

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