Fitzroy Falls with kids, a great destination for a family outing

The magnificent and easily accessible Fitzroy Falls can be found in the Morton National Park, in the Southern Highlands of NSW, an approximately two hour drive from Sydney. These 80-metre waterfalls are formed where Yarrunga Creek pours over the sandstone escarpment.

Fitzroy Falls wide shot of waterfall
Fitzroy Falls from the Jersey Lookout  (West Scenic Rim track) in Morton National Park

The Falls are worth seeing not only because they are spectacular, but also they are a fantastic destination for families that like to discover local natural wonders without the hassle of having to walk too much. In addition, if you are planning a day trip with the grandparents, visiting the Falls might tick all your boxes, too, as the precinct offers great facilities.

Fitzroy Falls in Morton National Park

Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre

1301 Nowra Road, Fitzroy Falls NSW 2577

Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre Website from NSW National Parks 

Entry fees: only for vehicles.

Note: if you hold the annual pass, you don’t need to pay. For more information about the annual pass, click here.

Opening times: 9am to 5pm daily. Closed on Christmas Day.

Note: the mentioned times can vary depending on the season. Also, Morton National Park is always open but may have to close at times due to poor weather or fire danger.

Tip: bring change for the coin-operated car park machines and the barbecues.

By Mireia Garriga Seguranyes

The Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre

Fitzroy Falls 7

The first thing that you will find after you park the car, it is a very big map that is displayed at the entrance of the Fitzroy Falls Visitor Information Centre. I recommend having a look at it, so you have an idea about the things that you could do.

Alternatively, you may prefer to grab a brochure at the Visitor Information Centre and ask some advice from the rangers. Inside, you can find lots of information about the area, quality souvenirs and artisan products.

Fitzroy Falls 8
Attached to the Information Visitor Centre, there is a café that has a decent menu of refreshments and a children’s corner

Outside the café, there are tables, too. And, for those who prefer to have a picnic, several shelters –including some coin-operated gas/electric barbecues – are conveniently located close to the car park.

Fitzroy Falls 9

Fitzroy Falls Lookout and Walking Tracks

We stopped at Fitzroy Falls on the way to the South Coast, as we needed a good stretch. The falls did not disappoint us. After a very short walk on the boardwalk, we were able to enjoy the spectacular views from the Fitzroy Falls Lookout.

Fitzroy Falls 4
From the platform, you can see very closely the 80-metre plunging waterfall

To find the lookout, take the boardwalk that starts after the Information Visitor Centre. Along the way, you will find several educational panels about the fauna and flora. Animals that you might see in the park include lyrebirds, wombats, wallabies and platypus in the creek as well as lots of birds like kookaburras and cockatoos. We were hoping to see a platypus, but we were not lucky.

Fitzroy Falls 6

Fitzroy Falls Walks

There are two main walks: the East Rim Walking Track (6.7km return, 2 – 3hrs) and the West Rim Walking Track (3.5km return, 1hr 30min – 2hrs 30min).

We chose to do a section of the West Rim Walking Track as we could not spend the whole day in the National Park. But, we would love to return one day and do the rest of the track or do the East Rim Walking Track, as I read that the tracks are quite different.

The West Rim Walking Track

This track can be done as a very short walk or a longer walk. It is quite easy except a few steep sections, although some bushwalking experience is recommended. You can see the sign around the corner from the Fitzroy Falls platform. We walked 15 minutes until we found the Jersey Lookout, which offers an impressive view of the falls and the escarpment.

From here the track continues along to Twin Falls, The Grotto, Starkey’s Lookout and Renown Lookout. But, it was too hot in summer to do it, besides the fact that we had to continue with our road trip. Along the walk, there are more interpretive signs about the plants, animals and Aboriginal heritage of the area.

Fitzroy Falls 2

The East Rim Walking Track

This track is also known as the Wildflower Walk. It follows the escarpment to the May Lookout with views of the lower Grotto Falls and the bottom of the Twin Falls. After it, there are several lookouts that apparently offer great views of Mount Carrialoo and Yarrunga Valley.

The start of the East Rim is just underneath the bridge, which is only some metres before the platform of the Fitzroy Falls lookout. It is a longer track than the western track, a walk that goes through the rainforest. For this reason, this track could be more suitable to do in summer than the West Rim Walking Track, which initial section is quite exposed to the sun. Also, as its name indicates, this track is beautiful in spring because of the wildflowers. Besides, you might be lucky and see the waratah, the state flower of NSW.

For more information:

If you decide to do one of the tracks, you can find more information about them here:

West Rim Track

East Rim Track

Fitzroy Falls 3
The scenic West Rim Track

Fitzroy Falls General Info

Fitzroy Falls is in the northern precinct of Morton National Park. Morton National Park is one of the largest national parks in New South Wales; consequently, it has more attractions than the Fitzroy Falls. To get to the falls, it is very important that you enter in the GPS the name of “Fitzroy Falls” and not the name of the National Park. Also, I recommend slowing down when you are close to the location. There is a big sign, but it is still easy to miss it. 

Toilets: Yes, including disabled toilets

Nearest takeaway coffee: Yes

Shade: Plenty

Highchairs: Yes

Children’s menu: Yes

Playground: No

Mum’s report: The spectacular Fitzroy Falls are located in the rugged Southern Highlands within the Morton National Park. As they are only two hours drive from Sydney, this is a great destination for a family outing. You dont need to be super fit in order to enjoy the magnificent view of the falls and the valley.

From the Information Visitor Centre, you only need to follow the boardwalk that ends at the Fitzroy Falls Lookout. Therefore, the falls are pram and wheelchair accessible. Furthermore, Fitzroy Falls offers great facilities, including a café, toilets and picnic area with some barbecues.


You can also include the visit to Fitzroy Falls, if you plan a weekend away to the Southern Highlands, Wollongong or Kangaroo Valley.

This is a great place to stop when driving down to Jervis Bay.

To find some inspiration, read our posts about Things to do in Bowral and Berrima with kids. Or, if you need a place to stay, you might like to read our family review about the Novohotel in Northbeach Wollongong .

Fitzroy Falls
Views of Yarrunga Valley from the Jerseys Lookout (West Rim Track)

Nearest station: Moss Vale. From this station, you can catch a bus (810). Note: if you decide to travel with public transport, please check the last updates

Bus stop nearby: Yes, Nowra Road opposite Ulster Park Farm (Fitzroy Falls). Bus 810 departing from Nowra. Note: if you decide to travel with public transport, please check the last updates.

Before you go

  • Check the forecast and choose a clear day to enjoy panoramic views of the Falls and the valley.
  • Always read the web page of the NSW National Parks to check if there are some alerts.
  • Make sure that the walk is suitable for your abilities.
  • Pack some water, snacks, hats and sunscreen.
  • Wear enclosed shoes if you plan to walk further than the first viewing platform.

Fitzroy Falls Accommodation

You can find some very beautiful cottages and B+B accommodation around Fitzroy Falls and Kangaroo Valley which is very close by. Use this search box to check out lovely cottages, hotels and more, and to find bargains.


Discovering waterfalls is one of our favourite activities, especially if they offer breathtaking views.

What about you? Which ones do you recommend to visit with kids?

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