Five Reasons The KFC Big Bash League Matches Are The Best Family Summer Entertainment

Yes, we are cricket fans at our place!  We watch matches on TV, the kids play cricket and we have really enjoyed experiencing matches at the SCG.


Brought to you by  KFC BBL

One of our best treats of last summer was a trip to see a KFC Big Bash League match with my sister and kids.

We gave the tickets to them for Christmas and then all 8 of us went, with four kids aged 6 – 10 years. It was a hoot.

Here’s why we’d recommend the KFC BBL to other families looking for an exciting event to enjoy without breaking the budget.

  1. Fast paced, action-packed, exciting and only a few hours long
  2. Affordable – so much less than anything else. Tickets cost from as little as $42.50 for families, covering two adults and two kids.
  3. There’s music and fireworks
  4. The great atmosphere of stadium sport, the roars of the crowds! But without the high cost of the much longer test matches
  5. Terrific for kids of all ages and mum-friendly too


We can wholeheartedly recommend a visit to one of this year’s KFC Big Bash League fixtures.



Five Top Tips For Enjoying The Big Bash

  1. Let the kids watch a match on TV before going to a game so that they know what to expect
  2. Go early, so that you can get a park easily, or even better go by public transport
  3. You don’t need to worry about there not being enough food or drink options when you head to the BBL – each club’s venue offers a range of food and drink selections, from traditional sports match options through to tasty, gourmet menu items.
    Feel like bringing along your own supplies? No worries, you can bring along your own food and unopened drinks, meaning you can dine out at the cricket however you choose. Here’s a few recipes to get you started.
  4. Take plenty of water, hats and sunscreen just in case
  5. Take binoculars if you have them


Rebel Womens Big Bash League

There are also fantastic womens’ matches on all summer, and loads of them are FREE.

Check out the Rebel WBBL Fixtures here for all the info.


We’ll also be watching some games on TV, and really enjoying them. We all bond with our enjoyment of cricket.

To be honest, it’s one of the rare times we all sit down to watch something together these days.

So here’s to another summer of cricket fun. And here’s to summer family entertainment that is thrilling and adventurous for kids, yet a reasonable price for Sydney families.


Have you taken the kids to a Big Bash League game yet?

Hope to catch you there!



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Posted on: December 22, 2017

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  • Reply December 24, 2017

    Joshua Toth

    Our family does love going to the BBL.
    Dad (me) loves watching the actual game and catching up with his ‘cricket’ friends. Mum likes it because it gets the family out of the boys and deep down, she loves to people watch – and there is a wide variety to observe.
    The boys do a mixture of things: watch the game, eat an ice cream ? (we usually go to evening games so it acts as a special dessert), play out the back of the stands of the SCG with friends (either those that they meet out there or occasionally we bring some of their friends with us).
    The article makes a compelling case to attend. Other good points to make about going is that the players are more accessible than other forms of cricket if the kids wants to high five or get signatures of their favourite players; the game only goes for three hours for those with a shorter attention span; there is a slot more excitement with plenty of sixes being hit – just keep an eye on the ball as you don’t want to get hit.

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