Five Thermomix Smoothies That Kids Love


Here’s the good news!  I just got a High Distinction for a design and photography assignment on smoothies.

And that’s why I’ve been updating posts and adding in a couple of new ones.


And, guess what, I just had a green smoothie for breakfast. I’m on a roll. A sensational smoothie slurpfest.

So in the spirit of celebration, I thought I’d pull together all our family’s fave recipes in one post.


Five Thermomix Smoothies That Kids Love

In strictly alphabetical order:

Banana and Cinnamon Thermomix Smoothie

Banana and Orange Thermomix Smoothie

Coffee and Cacao Breakfast Smoothie

Simple Mixed Berries Thermomix Smoothie 

Beetroot Banana and Pineapple Breakfast Smoothie 




spinach pear avocado protein smoothie

Sometimes having fruit starting to rot in the fruit bowl turns out to be a very good thing!

It was late in the arvo and I was peckish, in need of a snack before dinner.

I spotted the pock-marked and very soft pear… and within minutes this outrageously tasty and UNBELIEVABLY HEALTHY smoothie was whizzed up.

Pear, Spinach + Avocado Protein Smoothie

1 soft pear

1 tbsp avocado

1 scoop protein powder or a spoonful of yoghurt

250ml milk, water, whatever (I used half water, half soy milk)

2 big handfulsof spinach 



Blend, blend and blend again. I have a handy hand blender.

Put it in a nice glass for a nice change.

Chuck in some ice cubes.

Try to get kids to try some.


pear avocado spinach protein smoothie

Drink the lot, smack your lips and then let them know they missed out big time.

 Trust me, any dope can do it.

This dope just did. 

Can’t stop! Signature


But they do love the mango and banana smoothie ice blocks.

Thermomix smoothie mixed berry

What’s your fave recipe for kids’ smoothies.

Do share in the comments below, I’d love to try some new ones.

Happy blending!







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  1. says: Steve

    Hi Seana, I’ve been hearing a lot about the thermomix machines since I moved to Australia. I’m originally from Ireland and had never heard of them before. Most people over here swear by them – I assume you are the same? It really does seem to be a quick fix in the kitchen and with a 2 year old and another on the way it might just be the thing we are looking for. They are kind of expensive though 🙁

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Hi there, they are super expensive! I didn’t have a blender or juicer and so it would have cost a bit to buy those. I do use mine every single day … and there are heaps of simple recipes for families, especially on my friend MrsDPlus3’s blog. If you can scrape the casj together (or get one of their deals with zero interest, worth waiting for) I would recommend getting one.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Yes, I do… not a lot but a little… but many parents I know would never ever… I’ve got slacker as the kids keep coming….

    2. says: Daria

      In Poland, there is a very popular drink named Inka. We use to call it cereal “coffee” because it’s a lot like coffee, great substitute, save for kids. Maybe you have something similar in Australia? I’ve seen translations as melt coffee, cereal drink or chicory coffee.

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