Forty Baskets Beach: A Gorgeous Quiet Harbour Hideaway

forty baskets beach harbour pool
The rejuvenated tidal pool at Forty Baskets beach. Photo credit: Northern Beaches Council 

Forty Baskets Beach at Balgowlah

News!!  The harbour pool at Forty Baskets Beach has been re-opened and is looking very lovely.

Here’s what Council says about the upgrades:

  • Replace timber piles with more durable materials
  • Replace timber rails framing the pool with suitable materials that maintain the heritage aesthetic
  • Replace timber access stairs and tidal steps
  • Replace shark bars with a polyfibre sea net to enclose the pool

The Tidal Pool Renewal Project work was carried out under strict environmental control, including seagrass mapping, sea horse relocation and protection of other marine life, and in accordance with the conditions set by state agencies.

Forty Baskets beach 1
New walkways at Forty Baskets Tidal Pool. Photo credit: Northern Beaches Council 
Forty Baskets Beach sydney

Forty Baskets Beach is the most divine little secret Sydney spot. There’s a beach and a netted baths with walkway around part of it, excellent for leaping wildly into the water.

Here’s the information you need to plan a family visit.

Forty Baskets Beach 1

Forty Baskets Beach

Beatty Street, Balgowlah

Forty Baskets Beach is a small beach with netted baths that has no direct road access.  Forty Baskets is a secluded beach with barbecues, picnic tables, grassy areas and a couple of swings too.

There’s a bit of reserve for picnics with some shade from the tall Norfolk pines there. There’s a bubbler here for refilling water bottles.

NB this beach’s name is not written using the numerals 40 Baskets, mind you it was named after fishermen had a magnificent haul in the 19th century.

The netted baths cover half the beach and one side has a boardwalk along the top.

Forty Baskets is a delightful quiet spot for paddling, swimming and sand play.  Bring a snorkel and see what creatures are around, especially around the nets.

Forty Baskets Getting There

There are two paths leading down from Beatty Street, both with lots of steps.

Alternatively you can access Forty Baskets from Gourlay Avenue, Balgowlah, just walk to the end where the little marina is and find the bush trail going south.

Walk in from North Harbour Reserve: you can have a play in the big park with playground called North Harbour Reserve and then walk along the shoreline and then get onto the path at the marina. Check the Google map below, you will see it called North Harbour Walk there. It’s quite rough and ready going over the beach.

Alternatively walk to North Harbour Street and then take the small path, go along there to Gourlay Avenue.

Parking: Street parking on Beatty Street. One path to the beach starts at the very end of the road, the other starts to the right of 30 Beatty Street.  Street parking on Gourlay Avenue too, with a small car park at the start of the street.

Cafes: Nearest cafe is at North Harbour Reserve.

Toilets: Yes, toilets with change rooms

Shade: Some shade from trees over the grass

Playground: Two swings only

Shark net: Yes, and Middle Harbour is considered fairly sharky

Dad’s report: A nice spot when you want peace and quiet that’s worth carrying the stroller down to, as long as you have someone to help. 

Extra: Forty Baskets Beach is along the gorgeous Manly Scenic Walkway, so older children might like a dip here as the family does the entire 10km walk.

Dog situation: Checked with a friend who said: “Dogs are allowed on to the reserve (there are also some small swings) but only on leads and NOT on beach.  (Even though everyone takes them on the beach and in the water it is not allowed.  The rangers were there one day last year reminding everyone.)  

Forty Baskets Beach Manly boats
Dinghies drawn up along the beach. How cool would it be to live in one of these houses by Forty Baskets beach?

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