Glenbrook Park Playground, Lower Blue Mountains

Glenbrook Park with its splendid playground makes a great stop in the Blue Mountains when you’re driving with kids. Or even a fun day trip from Sydney.

Glenbrook Playground 8
Glenbrook Playground 3
Glenbrook was originally called ‘Watertank’ as trains stopped to collect water here. History has inspired this climbing frame.

Glenbrook Park and Playground

Address:  Ross St, Glenbrook, NSW, 2773

Glenbrook Park playground is spacious and has a railway theme. It is located just off the highway behind the Blue Mountains Visitors Centre. At the foot of the Blue Mountains, it is perfectly placed for breaking up a long car journey with kids.

Glenbrook Park playground has terrific play equipment  for toddlers and young children with low level tunnels and activities for creative play. There is a larger climbing frame in a different area of the park for older children. There are also swings and a small slide.

Within the park there are tennis courts, an open grassy area big enough for ball sports, covered picnic tables and BBQs. Glenbrook Park itself is really flat by Blue Mountains standards so is perfect for a walk with a pram or little legs! It also seems popular with dog walkers. The park is just a short walk to the main street of Glenbrook which has a selection of lovely cafes and antique shops.

Glenbrook playground railway theme
The Glenbrook playground railway theme is such fun 

Toilets/Baby change:    Yes

Nearest takeaway coffee:  There is a coffee machine in the visitors centre however there are also cafes just across the road from the park for a larger range of refreshments

Enclosed:  Yes, fully fenced with secure gates. Some play equipment outside the main fenced playground too.

Shade:   Yes over most of the picnic tables and some shade from trees however the majority of the play equipment is in the sun

Parking: Parking is limited at the Visitor Centre  and at times can be really busy however there is also street parking nearby.

Mum’s report:   A perfect place to stop if you are travelling from Sydney to the Mountains for bathroom and leg stretching purposes. The park is not fenced at all and the carpark is busy so you need to keep a close eye on little runners!

Extra:        The visitors centre has loads of maps and information on all of the Blue Mountains and the staff are really friendly.

Read more about Glenbrook on the Blue Mountains website here.

More photos of the playground here, click to see in full size if you are viewing on laptop or desktop. 


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Jellybean Pool with its steep but short walk is very close to this playground. These two are the best things to do in Glenbrook NSW!

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This article is writtenby Melanie Cross who loves exploring Sydney with her son and daughter. Thanks Mel!


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