The Joys of A Good Medical Drama: Introducing The Good Doctor

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Not my sitting room, sadly! And I didn’t get to take the cake home….

When I relax, when I destress, I’ll often take to my bed with a laptop or even my iPhone and plug myself into a drama series.

It used to be all on iTunes but now Netflix is the current fave.

With all my kids now preteens and young adults, the alone time in front of an actual television is rare. I’m ready to lie horizontal by 9.30pm so when the twins are in bed, I often head under the duvet too.

To escape! And watching a good medical drama will always do me nicely.

I get a deep thrill from gruesome scenes and am pretty fascinated by what can go wrong with the human body.

Fling in great characters and a busy hospital… I’m hooked.

Me being dramatic watching a drama… with calming glass of bubbles to hand.

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Sony 

Sony has a new medical drama underway, it’s called The Good Doctor. You heard it from me first.

Myself and some other bloggy types recently watched the pilot and gave our feedback.

All medical drama fans, we had heaps to say!

And that sofa was so soft when we shot these photos. Peel me off that sofa if you dare. We so need a better one at home.


The Good Doctor is by House producer and writer David Shore and is exec produced by Hawaii 5-0’s Daniel Dae Kim. It’s very emotional, with a lot of emphasis of medical procedures too, which I love.

So I hope they hurry up and get it on our screens.

In the meantime, I’m watching TV under the bedcovers on digital devices as usual.


My Top 10 Medical Dramas – So Far

  • Pulse – currently on the ABC, very dramatic, set in the transplant unit of a busy Western Suburbs teaching hospital
  • Scrubs – there are eight seasons of the American drama
  • E.R. – for heroism and drama and George Clooney
  • Casualty – from the UK, my fave to watch with my Mum
  • House – so interesting and House makes me look so cheerful and warm by comparison
  • Greys Anatomy – when I feel like romantic fiction dressed with a stethescope
  • Call The Midwife – from the BBC, history, heroics and drama
  • Cardiac Arrest – from the BBC in the mid-90s, a brutal show about stressed junior doctors where mistakes cost lives
  • M*A*S*H* – the original, a fave from my childhood


TV producers please note that I’m available for screenings at all times and am happy to give full and frank reviews. A sofa to watch on is ideal, champagne and cake always appreciated.


What’s your favourite medical drama?

What am I missing out on?

Happy lazing (when you get the chance)

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Posted on: September 13, 2017


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