Gunners Barracks – Morning Tea With Granny

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A very spectacular view of Sydney Harbour, a luxurious and elegant morning tea and the company of my very own Mum. What more could one ask on a broiling hot Sydney day?

Mum and I visited Gunners Barracks when she stayed recently. This venue is terrific for a special occasion, and one which welcomes all the family.

I do have a couple of tips about how to make the visit work well for all the generations. But first, here’s some cake.

Gunners Barracks morning tea and cake


Oh I did enjoy that one.

And here’s a shot with the entire morning tea for two displayed.

Gunners Barracks morning tea_3

We actually couldn’t eat it all and brought some home for the starving bairns.  And let me assure you, no lunch was required that day.

Gunners Barracks morning tea_4

Here are all the facts and figures.

Gunners Barracks 

Address: Suakin Drive, Mosman

Tel: 02 8962 5900

Open:  Monday to Friday, however please do always call ahead to check that Gunners Barracks is open on the day you’d like to visit as it is a popular wedding venue and the entire place closes for weddings.


Morning Tea $32

Devonshire tea $18

Traditional Afternoon Tea $45

Children’s Traditional Afternoon Tea $30

Lunches and light snacks are also available. The selection of teas is entirely dizzying.

Gunners Barracks menus can be found on the website


Child-friendly: Yes, there are high chairs and menus for children. I have to say I wouldn’t be in a hurry to take mine as they are anything but sedate. But for well-behaved children this is a great choice.

Parking: Here’s the top tip. There is a large car park on Suakin Drive, but then it’s a fair hike down the steep windy road or down steps to get to Gunners Barracks.

So call ahead to ask for the code for the gate, so that you can drop grannies and children right at the door.

Then the most able-bodied can drive back up to the car park. Reverse the process when you leave. That way old and young legs and strollers don’t get worn out on the hill.


Map of Gunners Barracks

Gunners Barracks – The Views

Most of the tables at Gunners Barracks are out on a huge verandah. The building is high up and you have eagles’ eye views over the Harbour.
Gunners Barracks morning tea_5

Gunners Barracks morning tea_6

To the west is the city centre and Cremorne and Neutral Bay.

Gunners Barracks views _1

Straight across is Neilsen Park with the netted Shark Beach.

Gunners Barracks views _2

Gunners Barracks views

Amidst the chink of the delicate and divinely pretty English china, you’ll hear the wind blowing and birds singing. It’s a very unique and select Sydney spot.

And there’s plenty of history to learn about too. Gunners Barracks really was a barracks for the local gunners, this high position was ideal for defence of the Harbour.

Built in Victorian times, the solid hand-hewn stones tell their own tales.

Gunners Barracks morning tea


Mum and I enjoyed our morning tea enormously. Well, why wouldn’t we?

I can recommend Gunners Barracks as a wonderfully Sydney Harbour spot for special occasions and celebrations.

Your kids might suit it very well, but I think I’ll keep it as an adults-only venue in our family.

Gunners Barracks Morning Tea Mum Seana

Shall we meet there one day? Have a natter over a cuppa and sink several thousand calories?

After a bracing swim in the ocean maybe, to work up an appetite?

Happy special meal planning!

Take it easy,

Seana xx



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  1. says: Keira

    I love high tea, and I’ve been wanting to try that one for ages! It looks lovely. I agree though, definitely not a place to take my kids!

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Let’s keep it adults only! It is a special spot, but do always give a call first to check they are open. We didn’t do that n this occasion but luckily it worked out fine.

  2. I’ll pass on the swim but I’ll have tea there any day! We love that place and took the outlaws there on a recent visit and they were suitably impressed. I love the scones, but my tip is, choose tea for two, because then you get the window seats with the best view! It really is a top spot and it looks especially spectacular in your pics!

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