Gunners Barracks – Morning Teas and High Teas

If you are looking for a very special place to enjoy a high tea or a morning tea, then look no further than Gunners Barracks in Mosman. For anniversaries, birthday and for guests visiting Sydney, Gunners Barracks works really well. There are spectacular views of Sydney Harbour, and the morning teas and high teas are luxurious and elegant morning tea.

All of the generations of the family are welcome at Gunners Barracks, thought I must say I haven’t taken my own children. I’ve loved it as an adults retreat.

Gunners Barracks Morning Tea _1

I do have a couple of tips about how to make the visit work well for all the generations. But first, here’s some cake.

Gunners Barracks morning tea and cake

Oh I did enjoy that one.

And here’s a shot with the entire morning tea for two displayed.

Gunners Barracks morning tea_3

We actually couldn’t eat it all and brought some home for the starving bairns.  And let me assure you, no lunch was required that day.

Gunners Barracks morning tea_4
All of the crockery and cutlery is just so divine.

Gunners Barracks High Teas and Morning Teas

Address: Suakin Drive, Mosman

Tel: 02 8962 5900

Open:  Morning teas are served Monday to Friday from 10am to midday. High teas are served every day from 10am. Do call ahead to make a reservation as the entire venue is occasionally booked out for weddings.

See the Gunners Barracks website for menus and current prices.

Child-friendly: Yes, there are high chairs and menus for children. I have to say I wouldn’t be in a hurry to take mine as they are anything but sedate. But for well-behaved children this is a great choice.

Parking: Here’s the top tip. There is a large car park on Suakin Drive, but then it’s a fair hike down the steep windy road or down steps to get to Gunners Barracks.

So call ahead to ask for the code for the gate, so that you can drop grannies and children right at the door.

Then the most able-bodied can drive back up to the car park. Reverse the process when you leave. That way old and young legs and strollers don’t get worn out on the hill.

Map of Gunners Barracks