Tiffin Tea At The Langham – Special Children’s Morning Tea for School Holidays

The Langham Sydney has delicious and delightful high teas on offer daily. In school holidays themed high teas for kids are run. Here’s a post about one my daughter and I enjoyed.

Click here to find out what’s currently on at The Langham.

‘I don’t belong in this family,’ said my little daughter, ‘there are too many boys.’

‘I know exactly what you mean,’ I said, ‘lets run away and do something just for the girls.

Langham tiffin tea-1

So we did. We’d been very kindly invited to a Peter Pan Morning Tea by The Langham in Sydney’s Rocks.

This grand hotel is housed in a beautiful heritage building. It’s all 5-star opulence with lashings of  old fashioned service and style.


Like its namesake in London, The Langham puts on a marvellous high tea. At The Langham this is known as a Tiffin Tea, and is served daily. You can have your tea leaves read at weekends there.

The children’s morning tea is a feature of each school holidays and it really is a treat.

Each children’s morning tea in school holidays has a different theme. We experienced the Peter Pan Morning Tea, with pirate themes for the food, then a reading from the famous book. The children each received a copy of Peter Pan to take home too.

Langham tiffin tea-4

But it’s not all about the children, look at this platter of tiny treats which yours truly scoffed, in a ladylike manner of course.

Langham tiffin tea-7
The table settings are just a delight. What a sharp contract to our boy-filled home in school holidays.
The children can colour in as they wait for their morning tea to arrive.
Langham tiffin tea-5
A cup of coffee in gorgeous surrounds – delightful.
Langham tiffin tea-6
The tiffin tea for adults, major treats!
Smarties treasure scones with Nutella and cream - too good!
The Smartie treasure scones with Nutella and cream – too good!
Langham tiffin tea-8
Pieces of eight in a cute jar
Langham tiffin tea-9
I loved this wall feature in the restaurant, would love to try each tea!
Langham tiffin tea-2
Look at the gorgeous decor in the bathrooms – wonderful attention to detail in this hotel.

You can read all about The Langham Sydney on its website here.

To book tiffin tea or school holidays morning tea telephone 02 8248 5220

Costing $30 for children and $49 for adults, morning tea at the Langham is a terrific treat. It’s one that will fill you up, so no need for more meals on the day that you visit – a cost saving!

Many thanks to The Langham Sydney for hosting Minnie The Minx and I.

We very much enjoyed some mother and daughter time, and escaping from rugby-mad twin and great big hairy teenage brothers.

Have you enjoyed a high tea or morning tea these school holidays?

Would you take your sons?

Happy munching,


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  1. says: Hotly Spiced

    What a special time for a mummy and her little girl. My daughter is 18 and she still needs time alone just with me – she’s sandwiched between two loud and attention-demanding boys. I love the look of the bathroom – thought it was the lounge! xx

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Yes, that loo is grand. It’s doubly hard when two of our boys have ASD/ADHD, they really are so… boyish… she’s so settled by comparison. A delight to spend time with… usually!

  2. says: Kirsty

    I think I’m in love. Oh yum! I would definitely take my little girl here for a girls day! Maybe rounding up some aunts and nanas… Not a chance would I take my little boy, at least not in the foreseeable future! Maybe when he hits twenty-one? Twenty-five?

    1. says: Seana Smith

      LOL, I can’t imagine my boys ever being couth enough to take here. But I was deeply impressed to see a Mum there with her four extremely well behaved children, including boys. Was taking notes.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      I think I became a really boysy mum and she’s a very girly girl… she’s made me more girly over time, but what she really longs for is a sister… but no can do.

  3. says: Kate Mac - Glamour Mama

    oooh so excited, we are going on Friday for The Preschoolers 4th birthday! What a treat. Apparently kids are encouraged to dress up and there is a storyteller too?

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Yes, some of the little girls had marvellous dresses on. A lady reads from the story, not a huge excerpt but a chunk and then gives books to the kids – lovely. Next time we’d dress up more, the hotel is very grand indeed.

  4. says: Maxabella

    Such a sweet thing (pun!) to do with your girl. I am inspired to take my girls. I think the Langham is very clever to create a ‘little girl’ high tea experience. x

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