High Tea in the Blue Mountains: Embrace 6 Splendid Exquisite Traditions

High tea in the Blue MountainsWelcome to the captivating realm of tea drinking in an exquisite way

A tradition that traces back to the Victorian era, high tea is more than just sipping on a cuppa—it’s an experience steeped in history. This British tradition, often confused with afternoon tea, has a unique story. Whether you’re a tea enthusiast or a curious reader, join us as we journey through time, exploring the customs, significance, and beauty of the traditional tea ceremony. So, pour yourself a cup, settle in, and dive into the rich tapestry that is high tea.

Best high tea in Blue Mountains

Why Take High Tea in the Blue Mountains and Experience the High Tea Culture?

Where are the Blue Mountains? And why is high tea in the Blue Mountains so POPULAR? Quietly settled west of Sydney, the Blue Mountains are not just a mesmerising canvas of stunning landscapes, they also cradle a rich tea culture that dates back to early colonisation. As the mist swirls around the rugged cliffs and eucalyptus forests, it carries whispers of tradition, and the warm aroma of freshly brewed tea.

Sip, savor, and savor the elegance of Blue Mountains High Tea

Local Tea Culture: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity 

Local teahouses and cafes, many of which have been around for decades, serve not just tea but a slice of the region’s history.

One can find a grandmother’s secret blend being served alongside modern infusions. These establishments are places of community, where tales are shared, music is played, and the bond of the community is further cemented over cups of tea.

The Blue Mountains are not just a sight to behold but a sensory experience that goes beyond vision. The sound of rustling leaves, the touch of cool mountain air, the taste of pure, aromatic tea—it’s a holistic immersion. So, the next time you find yourself in New South Wales, make a pilgrimage to this haven, and let the Blue Mountains and its rich tea culture enchant you.

Unveiling the Finest High Tea in Blue Mountains

In the majestic expanse of the Blue Mountains, not only does nature unveil its splendour, but a myriad of luxurious high tea venues also beckon visitors with their promises of elegance, comfort, and culinary delight. If you’re looking to bask in the glow of elegant ambiance while savouring mouth-watering delicacies, we’ve curated a list of the top-rated tea rooms in the Blue Mountains that offer unparalleled high tea experiences. 

The Avalon: A Haven for Tea Connoisseurs

Experience: The Grand Emporium High Tea in Blue Mountains

Location: Savoy Building 18 Katoomba St, Katoomba  

Phone: +61 2 4782 5532

Price: $65 per person ; the price may vary on the weekends

Special tea: Sparkling high tea

Pets allowed: No information given

Set in the heart of the Blue Mountains, The Avalon is nothing short of a sanctuary for tea enthusiasts. Every detail, from the plush seating to the curated selection of teas, is designed to enchant. Boasting a range of exquisite teas from around the globe, this establishment takes pride in its authentic brews. The delectable pastries and scones, each a work of art, complement the tea selection perfectly, creating a balance of flavours and textures that dance on the palate. You can indulge in the delightful High Tea experience within the enchanting confined art-deco dining room, offering picturesque vistas overlooking Leura and the captivating Jamison Valley.

Well, for the enchanting high tea experience, you can take your children during their school holiday. But, make sure to take permission for your pets, if you want to include them in your plan.

Bookings — Need to be done prior 24 hours especially during Weekends!

Boiler House Restaurant: Where Nature Meets High Tea Delights  

Experience: The Tranquil Garden Tearoom — Best High Tea in Blue Mountains

Location: 52-88 Great Western Hwy, Medlow Bath NSW 2780, Australia

Phone:+61 2 4782 6885

Price: Starts from $65 per person

Special tea: English breakfast, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Lemon & Ginger

Pets allowed: No information

Imagine sipping your tea with scenic views, the gentle hum of nature as your backdrop. Boiler House features the magnificent Megalong Valley. Situated amidst flourishing flora, this tearoom celebrates the beauty of its natural surroundings. Every cup of organic tea and every treat on the menu is a testament to the commitment of sourcing locally and sustainably. The charm of the garden setting, combined with fresh, aromatic teas and delightful bites, guarantees a luxurious and grounding experience.  

The place offers tasty delicious homemade pasta and pizzas which can be an added delight for your kids. So, yeah! its a great place for your kids to explore the high tea cuisine.

Is Boiler Restaurant a pet friendly place? Well, no information is given, but you can connect with the restro and take in the right information.

Bookings — Well you can walk in during the weekdays but for weekend you need advance booking!

Enhance your day with a taste of refined indulgence with High Tea in Blue Mountains

Luxurious High Teas in Blue Mountains: A Perfect Getaway for Families and Tea Lovers

Gather your loved ones, be it toddlers or teens, and immerse yourself in the luxury of traditional high teas in the Blue Mountains’ heart. Uniting friends and families, high teas offer an exquisite blend of culinary art and relaxation. From iconic spots like the legendary Hydro Majestic to the cosy nooks lesser-known, we’ve rounded up some of the finest high tea experiences that the Blue Mountains has in store. 

Hydro Majestic High Tea  —The Jewel of the Blue Mountains

Location: 52/88 Great Western Hwy, Medlow Bath  

Phone: +61 2 4782 6885

Price: $55 per person on weekday & $65 per person on weekend

Best tea selection: English breakfast, Earl Grey, Green, Lemon & Ginger, Peppermint, Darjeeling and Chamomile

Pets allowed: No

Set amidst Australia’s historical gems, the Hydro Majestic Hotel in Medlow Bath boasts spectacular panoramic views of the sprawling Megalong Valley. A luxurious retreat, it offers a high tea experience that’s second to none. Relish a spread of delightful finger sandwiches, petite pastries, and freshly baked scones in the splendid ambiance of the Wintergarden Restaurant. And elevate your experience with a hint of sparkle – perhaps a flute of champagne?  

Tea time, taken to a higher level of luxury

Is the Hydro Majestic high tea in Blue mountain a family friendly place to enjoy with kids during school holidays or family holidays? It’s important to remember that high tea at a place like the Hydro Majestic is often a more formal and refined experience. If you have younger or very active children, it’s a good idea to gauge whether they would be comfortable and well-behaved in such an environment.

Is the Hydro Majestic high tea in Blue mountain a pet friendly place? Well, NO PETS & Animals are permitted within the premises and hotel rooms. So parents, if you intend to go with your family for a lavish high tea experience it’s better you leave your furry friend behind!

Lilianfels High Tea  – Elegance in Every Sip High Tea in Blue Mountains

Location: 5/19 Lilianfels Ave, Katoomba  

Phone: +61 2 4780 1200

Price: Starts from $60 per person (weekdays) & $65 per person (weekends)

Best tea selection: Traditional high tea, Deluxe high tea, Luxurious high tea, Children’s high tea

Pets allowed: Yes

Journey to Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa in Katoomba, where traditional high tea is redefined. Ensconced amidst Victorian décor, classic fireplaces, and captivating courtyard views, you’ll find yourself indulging in a spread that’s both traditional and tantalising. Their specially crafted children’s high tea is a delightful blend of kiddish whimsy and classic offerings. And for the grown-ups? Upgrade to a glass of sparkling wine or indulge in fine French champagne.  

A symphony of flavors awaits at our mountain oasis - High tea in Blue Mountains

Can children be included in the high tea with Lilianfels High Tea? Well, yes! you can clearly see a different menu set for the children which means they can also enjoy the elegent high tea.

Is the Lilianfels high tea in Blue mountain a pet friendly place? Yes ! Its a pet friendly place. So you can tag along your pets, children and other family members to enjoy the lavish set high tea in Blue Mountain.

Fairmont Resort & Spa High Tea A Spectacular Sensory Feast

Location: 1 Sublime Point Rd, Leura  

Phone: +61 2 4785 0000

Price: Starts from $49 per person

Tea selection: Traditional high tea, Sparkling high tea, Champagne high tea, Kids high tea

Pets allowed: Yes

A favourite of many, Fairmont Resort & Spa boasts one of the best high teas in the Blue Mountains. Relish an array of sumptuous sandwiches, delectable sweets, and signature scones. The children’s high tea is an enchanting experience with Dani the Duck making a special appearance. For a fine high tea in Blue Mountains experience, you can take your children and make them enjoy the fine high tea designed especially for the kids.

Experience the art of tea in the heart of the Blue Mountains

Is the Fairmont Resort & Spa High Tea in Blue Mountain a pet friendly place? Yes it is, but there are certain protocols you need to follow. The pets you take needs to be licensed and they need to wear ID tags inside the premises. Also they are not permitted in few of the areas such as pool, spa, bar, lounges,  restaurants and guest rooms.

BOOKINGS —- 48 HOURS advance booking is required

Bygone Beauty’s High Tea – Steeped in Tradition High Tea in the Blue Mountains

Location: Cnr Grose & Megalong Streets, Leura  

Phone: +61 2 4784 3117

Price: Starts from $59 (per person), $45 (under 12 years), $24.50 (under 5 years)

Tea selection: Traditional High Tea Supreme

Pets allowed : No

Grab on the enticing array of morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea options, or indulge in a retail purchase to unlock complimentary access to the fascinating museum. The teapot collection boasts rare and coveted pieces hailing from Australia, America, Asia, Africa, and Europe, showcasing diverse materials in their craftsmanship.

The tearoom can comfortably host up to 80 guests, and for groups of 20 or more, offering an engaging and humorous teapot talk in English. With a specialty in tea and tea-related items, they also offer a wide range of accessories, along with an assortment of gifts and souvenirs. You’ll discover an extensive selection of over 100 tea varieties and infusions, available in both loose leaf and tea bag options. Additionally, don’t miss the chance to peruse the Blue Mountains’ most extensive private emporium of antiques and collectibles.

Treat yourself to a mountain of delights with High Tea

Impeccable silver service, enjoy a spread that’s reminiscent of days gone by. Their classic offering includes finely crafted sandwiches, homemade tea cakes, biscuits, and of course, scones. For those seeking an elevated experience, the Traditional High Tea in Blue Mountains is Supreme must-try. And if you’re in the mood for some bubbly, they offer a BYO champagne option.  You can also take your kids to enjoy the served delicacy, a perfect place for them to enjoy the high tea experience in Blue Mountain especially during their school holidays.

Is Bygone Beauty’s High Tea in Blue Mountain a pet friendly place? Well, NO! pets are not allowed inside the premises of Bygone Beauty’s High Tea! Though its sad, still you can enjoy some leisure time with your family circle.

Pack your bags, set your reservations, and embark on a delightful day trip for a high tea in Blue Mountains, where an elegant high tea experience awaits. Cheers!

BOOKINGS — Advance booking is required, for they do not guarantee dietary needs for the walk-in clients!

Exploring Unique Offerings of High Tea in the Blue Mountains

While the Blue Mountains might be renowned for its classic high tea settings, there’s more to discover beneath its traditional façade. The realm of high tea in the Blue Mountains has evolved, embracing diverse dietary needs, celebrating seasonal produce, and even incorporating intriguing themes into their menus. Gluten-free delights, sumptuous vegan spreads, and festive seasonal offerings make the high tea experience in the Blue Mountains versatile and accommodating for everyone.

Where every cup is steeped in tradition and charm

Themed High Teas in the Blue Mountains

Several tearooms have introduced themed high teas where the décor, dishes, and even the teas are curated around a central theme. Whether it’s a “Roaring Twenties” affair with art deco touches and jazz age tunes, or a “Midsummer Night’s Dream” experience filled with enchanting fairy-inspired treats, these themed sessions are both delicious and memorable — the best themes you can explore during your high tea in Blue Mountains.

Catering to All Dietary Needs

Recognizing the diverse dietary requirements of today’s clientele, many establishments have included gluten-free, vegan, or even keto offerings in their high tea menus. So, whether you’re lactose intolerant or avoiding refined sugar, you won’t have to miss out on the deliciousness.

Special Seasonal Menus

Seasonality plays a significant role in the culinary world especially on the high tea in the Blue Mountains. With spring comes an array of floral teas, and autumn sees the infusion of spiced and hearty flavours. These seasonal menus not only offer freshness but also celebrate the bounty of the region in its prime.

Tips for Planning an Unforgettable High Tea Experience in Blue Mountains

Before directly heading to high tea in the Blue Mountains, here are a few of the tips that you need to follow so that on reaching you don’t get any high tea culture shock !

Creating memories, one tea cup at a time

Book in Advance

Popular venues often get booked out quickly, especially on weekends or during holidays. Ensure you make reservations well ahead of time. Yes, their are some highly popular places which gets reserved 48 hours before the high tea in Blue Mountains. So find out the available time, and make your reservation on the best one!

Dress the Part

While most places have a relaxed dress code, it’s always pleasant to dress smartly for the occasion. Some upscale venues might have specific dress code guidelines.


While driving is an option, consider local transport or even hiring a chauffeur for the day, especially if you plan to indulge in some bubbly drinking during your high tea in Blue Mountains.

Combine with Other Activities

The Blue Mountains have a lot more to offer. Consider pairing your high tea experience with a visit to a local art gallery, a hike, or even a spa session. Read out guide to the Blue Mountains with Kids here.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Tea Experience with High Tea in the Breathtaking Blue Mountains

The tradition of high tea, with its refined elegance, finds a perfect backdrop in the Blue Mountains. And yet, amid the timelessness, there’s a beautiful evolution taking place, making every visit unique. Whether you’re a seasoned tea enthusiast or a newbie looking for an enriching experience, the Blue Mountains offers an exquisite blend of tradition and innovation, promising moments that you’ll cherish for years to come.


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