Have You Holidayed Without The Kids??

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So, in three days time, I will be lounging by a hotel pool in Dubai, cocktail in hand, and Paul will probably be on a golf course.

That’s going to be a contrast to our usual weekday afternoons.

(What if the teenager runs amok?)

Myself and Paul are off on the Wednesday 6am flight and away for six nights. This is the first time we’ve ever braved a trip overseas, leaving the kids at home.

(What if the plane crashes?)

Over the past 20 years of togetherness, we’ve only got away together very occasionally; a couple of weekends and then five nights in Tassie for my 50th a couple of years ago.


17012014 Bay of Fires-149-blog

This piccy from the last time we got away – looking pretty bloody happy, who wouldn’t be?


It’s hard to escape when you have no family living close by. Or even in the same hemisphere.

This time, we’ve employed a young lady to hold the fort. The twins are nearly 10 and Teen19 is able to look after himself (not really.)

(What if the house burns down?)

We’re meeting up with Paul’s old pals from uni to celebrate this year when they all turn 50. It’s a big deal.

He’s planning a lot of golf, I’m planning a whole lot of not much at all.


And I’m going to ban the dreaded ‘What ifs….’

I really am. I must. I shall.

Do you ever get away alone or with your partner?

Who minds the kids?

Do you worry about them?

201401 Dubai Jan-056_1

Dubai sand dunes, from when I was in Dubai with the four kids


I’ve always been SO ENVIOUS of people who have handy family living close who have a big role in childrens’ lives.  My kids have really missed out on this – all the family is in Scotland.

Paul and I have missed out too, on time together and on real breaks.

Maybe that’s changing now… or maybe this will be a complete one off!



I asked in my newsletter in others have got away and lovely reader Penny wrote in with her story:

I’m writing to share my experiences of when my husband and I went away for a much needed 5 days o/s trip without the kids!


Penny and hubby, looking very relaxed indeed

Where did you go?

We went to Singapore from a Monday morning to Saturday morning. At the time our kids were twins (age 2) and a 6 year old.

We purposely chose during the week so that the kids had their regular activities and the eldest was at school. It was pure luck that the eldest had a school sleepover on the Friday night as well!

What was it like?

Bliss! We feel like we have aged 10 years since the twins arrived and we regained some of our youth.

We chose a super nice hotel and stayed on the club floor so we could make the most of kid free spaces and eat and drink to our hearts content.

We did some sightseeing around Singapore but mainly did lots of eating and drinking at non kid friendly locations. We also spent a lot of time by the pool / spa / sauna. And of course slept in!

Did you miss the family?

Not in the first few days but by the last day I was missing them and was ready to come home. Of course on the last day I filled up my suitcase with lots of presents for the kids.

Who looked after them?

We dont have any grandparents living in the same city as us (Melbourne), so my mum came over and stayed in our room during that time.

I left detailed notes as well as stat decs in case of emergency, authorising her to make medical decisions on our behalf.

The twins were in child care for three of the days and the eldest was in school every day and also on the Friday night at the school sleepover.

We also had our regular babysitter 5 – 7pm each evening to assist with the “witching hour”. She assisted my mum with dinner / bath / bedtime routines.

All in all we all survived and had a ball.

One of the twins had minor cold / virus but it was just a case of mum giving her Panadol and lots of cuddles.

The kids all have said they’d gladly have us go away to Singapore again without them. They were spoiled by grandma and we brought them back lots of presents.

What is not to love about that ?!


Penny’s hotel pool – how lovely does that look?


Thanks so much Penny, I feel very reassured.  And I can really relate as I remember when we went to Tassie being totally ready to get home by Day 5.


And the other upside of travel without kids?

It’s SO cheap!  Two airfares, one hotel room… such a bargain compared to travel overseas with all six of us.

And that’s even bearing in mind the cost of paying for a babysitter who lives in with the kids.

(Must add some danger money to her pay.)


I’d love to hear of your own expeditions without kids.

How did it feel?  Did it make a real difference to your relationship?

Did everyone survive ok?

Off to pack clothes for hot weather,

Seana xx


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Posted on: May 1, 2016


  • How wonderful that you’re getting away Seana! I hope you have a relaxing time and everything goes smoothly at home. Although we don’t have any family in Sydney so very rarely go out for dinner or that sort of thing, we do have two sets of grandparents in Melb who come to visit and stay with us once or twice a year. We also go down there and stay with them once or twice a year. During these visits we usually have a date night which sometimes involves a night away which is so lovely.

    And I’m still living off the memory of a trip to Europe that hubster and I did in 2013 without the kids. 18 days away – each set of grandparents came up and stayed at our place with the kids for half the time each. I didn’t miss the kids very much to be honest. I knew they were fine and going about their normal routines, and we were flat out cramming as much into that trip as we could! I didn’t have a lot of contact with them because it was only when we talked to them that they got upset about missing us. They were better when they kept busy and not thinking about us being gone.

    It was an incredible trip! We were soooo lucky to have been able to do it.

    • Reply May 2, 2016

      Seana Smith

      Great to read this Kirralee. How fantastic to go to Europe. a very special trip and as we often say lightly – but it’s so true – these memories last a lifetime.

  • Seana, you must now be sipping that cocktail with feet up overlooking the pool 🙂 I’m so happy for you and your husband to have this couples’ getaway! You so deserve it! I look forward to the photos / updates 🙂

    • Reply May 5, 2016

      Seana Smith

      Hello! yes, a huge treat, even the flight was a holiday. Three movies and a novel – what’s not to love??

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