Horse Riding in Sydney – Riding Lessons For Beginners

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Sydney is a terrific city for horse riding. There are stables in the heart of the city at Centennial Park, plus several on the bushy outskirts of the city.

Then there’s the delights of trail rides in the Blue Mountains and in lovely country to the north and south of the city too.

A while ago my twins enjoyed a pony ride, which I wrote about in Pony Rides For Preschoolers.

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To find a reputable stables in and around Sydney, have a look at these websites:

The NSW branch of Australian Horse Riding Centres has lists of accredited stables in Sydney and around the state. 

The national body Australian Horse Riding Centres website can be found at and has details of stables across Australia.

Visitors to Sydney might do well to start with these stables:

Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre is probably Sydney’s best known riding centre.  We’ve never had a ride around Centennial Park so I am definitely adding that to the list of family things to do in 2012.

Riding Lesson-3

This past weekend my wee girl did her first ever proper riding lessons.

We went to a stables that’s local to us, Palamino Riding Stables in Belrose.

Minnie did a 30 minute lesson, and learned the basics first: start, stop and turn.

Then she and her very steady mount, Smart, did sitting trots and then a basic rising trot. All that in just 30 minutes.

Riding Lesson-4

She really enjoyed it as you can see.

I’m going to teach her this little ditty that I learned when I was a young girl, doing a few riding lessons in Scotland.

Your head and heart keep high
Your hands and heels keep low
Your knees keep close to your horse’s side
And your elbows close to your own

 It’s lovely to see her enjoy horse riding. And lovely for me to be at a stables and enjoy patting noses and smelling that soft horsey smell.

Might even have a ride through the bush myself some day soon!

Have your kids doing riding lessons?

Can you recommend a Sydney stables to other families?




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  1. Be careful! If it becomes a passion you’ll become a lot poorer! My friend’s almost 10 year old daughter is mad about horse riding.My friend is now spending school holidays at pony camps, absolutely terrified as she watches her daughter clear some very high jumps. They’re from the Southern Highlands, though, so I guess that makes it a little more accessible.

    1. says: Seana

      Yes it’s certainly not a cheap pastime. I’m sure it wasn’t so expensive when I was little. Maybe the Sydney factor. I must do some calls and post a list of prices.

  2. says: Seana

    I remember going to one up on the F3. Must look into prices and ideas. My wee girl is asking to a half day camp in the holidays. And I want to go too!!

  3. says: Hotly Spiced

    I didn’t know Palomino Riding School was still going. I remember going there as a teenager and friends would hold their birthday parties there. Alfie wants to learn to horse-ride – something else to add to the list of things he’d like to accomplish xx

  4. says: Lisa Paul

    Hi Seana, My daughter also does riding lessons. Has been going since February this year and is becoming a great little rider. We go to Centennial Stables down at Centennial Park Equestrian Center. She also has done Pony camps there 3 days at a time where they learn to look after them as well as have a park ride and lesson in the morning. Highly recommend them, they are average price with the other stables there but the staff are amazing especially with younger children.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      I must take a trip over there as it’s a most beautiful spot to ride and then great for a play and a coffee afterwards. Thanks Lisa.

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