How To Make Ricotta Cheese – Easier Than You Think {Rewind}

Easy, easy, easy.

Why didn’t I know this before?

It is so simple to make ricotta cheese. And home made ricotta tastes unbelievably fresh. Just delicious.

I was taught this method when I did the soft cheese making course recently. Now, to be very strict, this is a recipe for curds and whey, the traditional method for making ricotta (which means re-cooked) involves boiling up whey leftover from making curds and whey.

But who’s got the time, so lets go with this quick and easy version.

Lets not mess about. Roll up your sleeves and here we go!

how to make ricotta cheese

Home Made Ricotta Cheese

You need:

1 litre milk

50ml white vinegar

a thermometer, ideally digital

a pan

a strainer of some sort – read on

1. Pour your litre of milk into a pan (or you might try heating in microwave.)


how to make ricotta cheese

2. Heat until it reaches about 93 degrees C

how to make ricotta cheese


3. Take the pan off the heat, pour in the 50ml of white vinegar and swish through with spoon briefly

4. Leave it alone for 20 minutes, do not touch.  The curds and whey will separate.


how to make ricotta cheese

5. Using a slotted spoon, very gently life the curds into a draining device. You can use the Cuisipro Yoghurt Cheese Maker as I did, or a sieve lined with cheesecloth or a Chux cloth.

6. Allow to drain in peace for one hour

how to make ricotta cheese


how to make ricotta cheese

7. Your ricotta is ready to serve, you will probably want to add some salt, stirring gently. Or maybe not.

PS  I hate to throw anything away so I drank the whey, not a strong taste, quite pleasant.

how to make ricotta cheese

how to make ricotta cheese


Have you ever made ricotta?

have I convinced you it’s easy enough to try right now?


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      1. says: Kyrstie

        Hi Seana,
        it is really easy as it pretty much makes itself. I did a post on it last week. You just need to have the correct started culture and rennet as well as unhomogenised milk. It sits for a while then drains for a while and then is done! K

  1. says: Veronica Paterson

    Would love to be able to make my own Greek Yoghurt,my daughter loves the stuff.Thank you Seana for the chance to win a Cuisipro Greek Yoghurt Cheese Maker and Digital Thermometer……*fingers crossed* good luck everyone 😉

  2. says: Antonietta

    OMG, what a great giveaway! I’ve always wanted to be a cheesemaker, I think I missed my calling a few years back. I also love cheese any type, lol.

  3. says: jennifer

    My daughter is a pharmacy student so enjoys the processes involved in making ricotta.She has made it twice at home from full cream powdered milk and has saved me a dash to the supermarket and a few dollars!!

    1. says: Seana

      That’s a great idea, to have some powdered milk to hand, we always have some vinegar in the cupboard. Yes, we need never run out again.

  4. says: Kelly Walter

    this looks absolutely awesome and fun to make! what a great competition this is. would love to win my husband and i would absolutely love to win this.

  5. says: Christine Batstone

    How amazing is this appliance! I’d be in seventh heaven if I won. I use ricotta cheese soooooo much. Fingers crossed! Thanks heaps Seana!

  6. says: Rosanna Grifone

    I am travelling in outback Australia and cannot get fresh riccotta, so you have made me a very happy woman, your recipe is spot on and tastes better than bought one from supermarket so thank you, will be making it quite often.

  7. says: Karen Lima

    I haven’t made ricotta before but it looks easy here with your step by step instructions. I will have to level up my cheese making skill and hopefully, I will be able to make an edible one.

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