How To Make Water Slides at Home

Did you know it’s really simple to build your own water slides to use at home?

Here’s a video showing what a laugh my kids have with their one, it also tells you how to make a waterslide yourself and there’s more info below too.


PS I know the water slide ends right by the road, and it does look dangerous but I can assure you that no children, or cars, were damaged during the making of that video!

We have used a couple of versions of the homemade water slide. The black plastic one shown above was made in our front garden by the kids from our next door. It was fantastic.

Below is a blue version, using a giant tarpaulin which we had for a few years. You can see that this turned into a great game for all the kids in the street.

making water slides playing on water slides

Making water slides with thick black plastic was definitely more successful than the tarpaulin version, especially for slide speed!

Just whizz to a hardware store and buy some very thick plastic, you can probably buy it online from Bunnings if that works better for you.  I’m not 100% sure what our neighbours bought, but I went onto the Bunnings website and I think it might have been this one.

build a water slide plastic
how to make water slides at home

The kids enjoyed doing all the pegging out and sorting out the hose pipe too. They like to squirt washing up liquid on the slide too, they say it makes them go faster. But I was a mean mum and put a stop to it.

homemade water slides 2
Yes, I do have a turn too… but it can be hard to get on when all the kids are having so much fun.

You can also buy water slides of course, and we’ve also had a couple of those over the years. Warning: these water slides never last long, at least not at our place.  If we got a whole summer out of one, we were thrilled. Mind you, I do have four kids and they used the water slides ALL THE TIME.

Wahu water slide
The Wahu was a great one. 
Banzai water slide
My kids liked having the side by side slides for races, but I have to say they got damaged in the end.
huge water slide 2
There are some amazingly posh water slides available to buy… but they are pricey. This is the Happy Hop Bouncy Castle Pool slide, too cool.
Screen Shot 2020 04 01 at 11.18.24 am
If I had little kids at home I would be saving up for one of these, the Lifespan Kids Inflatable Typhoon Mega Slide & Splash.

Anyway, we all love a game that’s cheap and cheerful and keeps the kids active for hours and hours and hours.

And wears them out!

Are you children wild sliders?

Might you build your own water slide?

Happy sliding

Seana x

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homemade water slides 1
Here’s an old photo of my kids playing on a homemade water slide when we visited friends in the country – long ago!

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    1. says: Seana Smith

      The water slides get damaged, not the kids! My children were pretty active and they did use the water slides that we bought all the time. We had one wich had water fountains all along the side and they loved that one. They would sometimes use these in our flat backyard so they would take a run and then leap on and slide. So that caused wear and tear over weeks and months. With the plastic and tarpaulin ones we made, we only used them on the slope at the front of the house.

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