Huskisson Carnival – Fun For Kids Every January

For my kids, the very best thing about spending time at Jervis Bay in the summer is the Huskisson Carnival.

Run by Joylands, the Carnival is at the Showground for the whole of January, open 6pm – 10pm.

You can buy individual tickets or a wristband for $25. We did the latter once and the former once.

Had a massive parenting breakthrough just before New Year when the teens and their friends took the twins and we parents went for a drink at the bowling club next door.

Ah, small parenting victories!

huskisson carnival zorb balls
Sadly you have to pay extra for the Zorb balls, $10 a time!! Bloody hell, I should get into this as a business in the backyard.
huskisson carnival
Quite like a Carnival myself, it’s good to scare yourself silly every so often.

┬áHere’s where you can find the Carnival.


Sorry to have posted on this so late in the season.

But will catch you there next year!


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  1. Looks fantastic but at $10 extra you’d have to say they know how to charge. It’s probably an insurance issue.

    Ps the egg event was great. We had a cook off and I lost. Still licking my wounds and clearly I’m not as good as I thought I was Ha ha. It was so much fun though.

  2. says: Robomum

    As kids we always holidayed in the Shoalhaven at ‘the holiday house’. As teens we hated it, so my parents sold it. Now I’d give my left nut (if I had one) for a holiday house!! Husky ROCKS!

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