Huskisson Pictures – Family Fun at Jervis Bay

Huskisson Pictures Jervis Bay

All Sydney cinema going is banned in this household!

This may seem a bit daft in these school holidays but the thing is, we’re heading south to Jervis Bay for the weekend, and we can visit the cutest wee cinema down there instead.

And save money – you can take the girl out of Scotland but you can’t ake the Scottishness out of the girl.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re a movie buff heading down to Jervis Bay.

Huskisson Pictures

Cnr Sydney St & Owen St, Huskisson

Ph: (02) 4441 6343 for recorded program

or (02) 4441 5076 for cinema

Website: click here for details on movies being shown now.

Huskisson Pictures is located in a most gorgeous historic building in the centre of Huskisson.

Ticket prices are so much more reasonable than in the city. All tickets cost $9 before 6pm and $10 after. Bargain!

And small kids’ popcorn for $2.50, medium popcorn and drink cost just $7. Love that.

The building dates from 1913 and has been used for many different purposes over the years, including as a school, a church and a dance hall.

It’s been used as a cinema since the 1950’s and was completely renovated in 1990 to become a permanent cinema.

Huskisson Pictures opens every day (except Good Friday and Christmas Day) showing the latest releases and has a modest price structure.

For information about Huskisson Pictures sight and sound, click here.

Find Huskisson Pictures on Facebook here.

If you’re further south at or near Sussex Inlet, or you might go for a drive down there, check out the sister movie house: The Inlet Cinema.

For more of my posts on great family-friendly places and activities around Jervis Bay, click here.

 Do you know the Jervis Bay area?

What your family’s favourite thing to do down there or at your fave holiday place?

Happy movie watching!


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  1. Similar to an experience we used to have at Avoca Beach when I was a kid. It looks like a great way to do it. Loads more character than how the movies are presented in the city today.

  2. says: Hotly Spiced

    I love these old movies theatres. There was a gorgeous one in Avalon and we would always go there and sneak in a bottle of red wine but then some developer got his hands on it and turned it into something ugly, cold and impersonal. They used to do movie nights that started at 11pm and you’d see about 4 films that would take you through until the next morning and yes, seeing a movie there was always cheaper than anywhere else. It’s great this one has been lovingly restored xx

  3. says: paintlater

    Lovely it brought back memories. I lived in Jervis Bay Area for 20 years and took my baby here well into her teens before she left for brighter city lights. I love Husky pictures its still the best. So glad to see a bookstore in town. Cheers Sue.

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