Huskisson Triathlon – Booking Ahead To Avoid Disappointment

‘Book ahead to avoid disappoinment’ was the mantra of a TV producer pal in Glasgow. She knew that time moves fast when you’re shooting and editing so our social plans were best made in advance.

This idea worked in Glasgow when we were young, free and single.

Works even better now in Sydney where we’re older, entangled and partnered-with-kids.

(PS for all your antonym needs, head to

Anyway… booking ahead for me is hard as I don’t know the Intn’l Man of Mystery’s rotation dates yet (and no, he doesn’t manage the Twister at the sideshows, he rotates into the Middle East to see blokes about oil rigs.)

Anyway……. I’ve just decided to plan a few things and hope for the best. I’m an independent person and can manage alone – harumph.

Some flights are booked to Scotland as it’s been too long, just for myself and two kids and we’ll sort the rest out later. Or not. Or not go.

But I love the flights being booked.

And I’ve entered myself and Dexbox13 into the Huskission Triathlon 5km Fun Run and myself into the 1km Ocean Swim on the weekend of 15th February.

Huskisson Triathlon
Triathletes on the fabulous beach side walk/cycle path

Our Intn’l Man of Mystery has run the 10km in past years (just like that, off he goes and runs 10km, can you BEAR it!??) I’ve always been minding the kids, but next year… well, we can work out the fine print later.

Look, if it doesn’t come off, it doesn’t come off.

A plan is the start of something, if you have to deviate never mind.

Good enough mum, good enough fun run.

If you’ve never been to Huskisson on the weekend of the Triathlon, you must. It’s such a buzz, makes you feel like a sporting legend just being there.

Huskission Triathlon
My kids throwing water on the serious triathletes. Don’t worry, they check before chucking.
Huskisson Triathlon running getting wet
I won’t look anything like this as I huff and puff along

The Husky Long Course Triathlon Festival is the proper name for this weekend-long event held every year in mid-February. There are all sorts of triathlons, including the super-duper serious one. Plenty for the kids though, plus the fun runs and 1km ocean swim.

The whole town is full of healthy looking athletes, the cafes are stowed out with people filling up on good carbs. It’s a great atmosphere.


 Do you plan ahead?

Have you got much planned for 2013 yet?

Tell all!



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  1. says: Becc

    We used to plan ahead. We would be booked out months ahead and the same for our friends.
    These days, we work it out as we go. It means we may waste some days when we should be doing other things, but sometimes you need a break.
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  2. says: Alicia

    The only thing we have planned for this year is a folk festival over the march long weekend about 3 hours away. I get exhausted just thinking about planning stuff sometimes, but I like to know what is coming up. Good on you for booking the flights and not procrastinating on it, something to look forward to anyway. Have a great time on your fun run if it all comes together.

    1. says: Seana

      The good thing abot booking and paying for flights is that we will definitely go… I am pretty sure the dates I have booked won’t work out, but we will go at some stage. And I’m desperate!

  3. says: Rita

    You have a great trip ahead! We don’t usually plan ahead but I want to go to Canada this year in July and I’m already looking for flights. Other way, when we wait to the last minute, we end up paying too much.

  4. says: Grace

    Oh, I want to do a triathlon! I was just thinking the other day which ones I could possibly do!
    I would love to do this one but I’ve got plans for the weekend of the 15th of Feb 🙂
    I’ll be cheering you on though, Seana!!!

    1. says: Seana

      Well, I’m not really doing the triathlon, just some fun events around it.

      I DON’T want to do a triathlon!!

      Am feeling so excited and scared, daunted and exhilerated at the thought of the Palm to Whale this Sunday. 2.5km far out to sea round rocky cliffs – waaaahhhhh!!

  5. says: iSophie

    Looks so hot, they would be begging to have water thrown at them!
    I always like to have my next trip planned, so in 2013 I am planning on one solo parent trip with the 4 boys and hopefully one trip all by my lonesome!

  6. says: Mairi Stones

    I find planning ahead a very difficult thing to do, but I hear you and I love the idea of doing it anyway and then seeing, maybe it won’t happen, maybe you cancel, but at least the plan is there. Mairi X
    ps. yea! to you coming home, really looking forward to seeing you.

    1. says: Seana

      I think I feel totally lost in life without a bit of a roadmap Mairi. It’s all fairly easy at the moment as the year is punctuated by the school terms, but reckon I will feel lost when all that is over. Hahah, have a long way to go though.

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