Huskisson Triathlon Festival – Ocean Swim Classic 1km

IOna at car

We’d booked ahead to avoid disappointment, and avoid it we did.

Myself and Minnie The Minx and I whizzed down to Huskisson a couple of weeks ago for the 1km Ocean Swim Classic. That’s just one of the first events of the fantastic weekend that is the Huskisson Triathlon Festival.

Thanks so much Kate from Huskisson B & B for taking all these photos.

Please excuse my egomania in showing all these photos.

Please also excuse all the cellulite!

Huski Triathlon Festival Ocean Swim Classic

Huski Triathlon Festival Ocean Swim Classic
Fantastic to meet a fellow Can Too swimmer.
eagle 1
A sea eagle flew right over the beach.

Huskisson Triathlon Festival Swim

My mum's out there
My mum’s out there.
Huskisson Triathlon Festival Ocean Swim Classic women start
The women’s race starts off. We went out and around two big buoys then back to the green buoy.
Minnie hands
Keeping busy whilst Mum swims

Huskisson Triathlon Festival Ocean Swim Classic

Huskisson Triathlon Festival Ocean Swim Classic
That’s me coming out
Huskisson Triathlon Festival Swim
A very rare sight, sprinting Smith.
Huskisson Triathlon Festival Ocean Swim Classic Seana finish
Hooray! Did it, and feeling fab.

It’s so very true that you never regret a swim.  I went quite hard at this one and did the 1km swim in about 25 minutes.

That’s good for me, but pretty slow compared to most folks.  I came third last in the 40 – 49 age group.

Loved it. LOVED IT!!

Here’s to health at any size and enjoyment at every speed.

Linking in with Trish for Wordless Wednesday – thanks for hosting Trish.

Have you caused a commotion in the ocean lately?


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  1. Well done! That’s pretty awesome! Some friends of mine recently competed too, but I think they did the mini tri and the full tri – is there such a thing? I have to admit I got a bit confused!

    One friend knocked 27 minutes off his last year’s time, which is pretty good considering he had major surgery two months ago.

    Love your sprinting photo – impressive!

  2. says: jess

    Wow! 25 minutes is great. They must be some super fit people you were swimming against.

    I had an ocean swim on my to do list for this year but I think I’ve missed my opportunity. Will have to be more organised for next year.

    1. says: Seana

      Some people are super fast fish-type characters and are racing really seriously. Maybe I will try to do a bit of speeding up next year. Hope you get into it, so good for you. I can’t recommend highly enough the training I did with Can Too

  3. says: Me

    That’s amazing – well done !!!!!! I can’t swim to save my life (well I can but I won’t be any time soon !!!!)
    Have a great week !

    1. says: Seana

      And I can’t run… but swimming, I can do… slowly and I really do love it. Swimming’s been the highlight of the summer, must say. Hope your day is going well. x

  4. How fantastic!! I’m almost a little jealous that I havent done any more. I was just about to swim the Long Reef one last weekend, but the weather turned and it was called off. You look fabulous – so great that you love it!!

  5. says: Tonya

    What an amazing experience! I’ve signed up for my first ever 5k mud run/walk. I imagine after I’m done slipping in the mud, I’ll wish I could go for a good swim.

    Congratulations on your achievement!

  6. says: Leigh

    Good for you for just entering the race. It really doesn’t matter where you come – and if you had fun – even better. Your daughter seems to be a good cheerleader.

  7. says: Fran

    Totally awesome of you to do this. A few year ago I did one of the Pink Tris. It is a great way to do a friendly Tri for a beginner. For a great cause too. Many have runs for kids too.

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