Jervis Bay Beach House For Families – Complete At Last!

Jervis Bay family beach house_5

I’m keeping these photos up here to remind me of our lovely Jervis Bay beach house which we sold in 2017.

It just became a luxury we could no longer afford.

It’s still available for rent though, I’m glad as we might one day rent it ourselves. It’s in a great spot right on the beach, pretty expensive in peak season though.

But it would still feel like a home away from home to us.

Jervis Bay family beach house

Just pop into the kitchen and stick the kettle on, or fire up the Nespresso machine.

Jervis Bay family beach house_4

Then let’s sit on the deck and enjoy the views over Jervis Bay.


Jervis Bay family beach house_10

‘On The Beach’ is the name of our beach cottage on Collingwood Beach.  It’s available for letting through Jervis Bay Rentals..

Jervis Bay family beach house_9

It’s a lovely house, and in such a great position. The garden is enclosed which means the kids can’t escape. And just along the walkway you can come to this. Bring your cuppa!

Jervis Bay family beach house_8

‘On The Beach’ has two generous queen rooms plus a set of bunks in the third room, with a trundle there too.

Jervis Bay family beach house_7

Jervis Bay family beach house_6

Spacious white bathroom. There’s another shower and bathroom out by the laundry too.

Jervis Bay family beach house_3

Jervis Bay family beach house_2

Jervis Bay family beach house_1


So, if you’re thinking of a Jervis Bay holiday … please can I come too?

Our ex-beach house is in a fantastic position, right on the lovely walkway that runs between Vincentia and Huskisson. Bring a bike or two.

Check out my post 25 Things To Do At Jervis Bay with Kids for all the fun stuff too.

Please do ask any questions here in comments.

Planning any beach holidays soon?


Seana xx

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  1. Hi Seana,

    It looks gorgeous. Bright, fresh, uncluttered. If only my own home looked like that ­čśë I love the yellow kitchen counter and hope the bank account hole gets filled in asap!

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