Jubilee Park Adventure Playground in Mortdale

Jubilee Adventure Playground is really great. It has enough equipment to keep kids of all ages entertained for hours. And, of course, it has the “wow” factor of the big slide.

Jubilee park mortdale big slide

Jubilee Park’s excellent playground is like a smaller version of Fairfield Adventure Playground, without the nature-based playground area. Although it is not as spectacular as Fairfield, it is really good.

Jubilee Adventure Playground is easy to find. It is next to Mortdale Community Centre, and is well served by public transport.

Jubilee park mortdale adventure playground

Jubilee Adventure Playground

2b Boundary Rd, Mortdale NSW 2223

By Mireia Garriga Seguranyes

Like some of new upgraded playgrounds that Hello Sydney Kids has reviewed recently, Jubilee Adventure Playground has multiple play spaces. I particularly like parks like Jubilee that have a bike/scooter track because my daughters are always very keen to ride their bike or scooter.

Although the bike track at Jubilee Adventure Playground is not as good as the recently reviewed Strathfield Park and Ryde Park, it does the job well.

Jubilee park mortdale bike track

The wombat crossing sign -outside the circuit where the kids can still ride on the main path of the park- is one of those distinctive additions. And, a wombat sculpture sits nearly next to it. It is so cute! Watch out kids, you might find wombats here!

Jubilee park mortdale

The toddler and pre-schooler’s area

This area is smaller, in comparison to the one for older kids. The equipment is set on bright and soft rubber, which is perfect for little kids. It is protected from the sun with generous sails.

The equipment consists on rolling rubber hills for the kids to climb, two little slides and a solo sew-saw car. A bit further, there is a station of several swings.

The little ones also will enjoy watching the trains as the line is behind the park. I know that it doesn’t belong to the playground, but I think it is a good idea to mention it.

I still remember those days that my daughters keep waiting and waiting to see a train. And, still, my 4-year-old exclaimed: Look mum! A train!

Jubilee park mortdale adventure playground

Older kids’ area

The equipment for older kids is terrific. It consists on a tall spider web and several lookout towers, which are interconnected with three netted bridges.

One of the towers contains an enclosed rope ladder to get to the top. This is a cool way to access it in addition to the main point, which is the spider web. The next section of the structure is the huge tunnel slide.

The long flying fox is the other piece of the equipment that is very popular. The flying fox is set to perfect height for school aged kids, not too high, not too low.  There’s also a big bird nest swing

Jubilee park mortdale adventure playground

My three daughters loved the playground for older kids. If you have an intrepid four-year-old like mine, he or she will be able to enjoy the tunnel slide.

The gaps in the spider web are smaller than the ones of West Epping Playground and Fairfield Adventure Playground. Climbing the ladder requires less coordination skills than the spider web. So even at a very young age, some kids will be able to enjoy this magnificent equipment.

Jubilee park mortdale adventure playground swing

Jubilee Adventure Playground Details

Toilets: Yes, outside the Community Centre. There is a baby-changing table, too, in the accessible toilet.

Nearest takeaway coffee: several close to Mortdale Train Station. The fastest way is to walk through the side entrance of the park that leads you to George Street.

Enclosed: No, but it is quite secluded considering the urban space. The playground is behind the community centre and surrounded by residential streets.  In spite of not being fenced, it is really safe.

Shade: limited, but there is some thanks to the sails, sheltered picnic areas and some mature trees.

Mum’s report: Jubilee Adventure Playground is a great outdoor space that has something for everyone. The play equipment is suitable from toddlers to teens.

It is a good place to have in mind for the school holidays, if you don’t live locally. The equipment definitively has the wow factor. With the spider net, the tunnel slide, the big basket swing and the flying fox you cannot go wrong! Your kids will surely enjoy playing at Jubilee Adventure Playground.

Teens can still enjoy a visit to the park thanks to the amazing playground. And, adults haven’t been forgotten; there are exercise stations at the rear of the park near the multi-purpose courts.

Jubilee park mortdale basketball courts
Sports courts by the playground, so bring footballs and basketballs too

Extra: Nearby in Oatley, there is the Bitton Oatley, in case you are looking for yummy food and a super family friendly place. Read our Bitton Oatley review here.

Nearest station: Mortdale Train Station

Bus stop nearby: Numbers 944, 945 and 955 on Pitt St

Note: if you go by public transport, always remember to check the last updates.

Parking: the best place to park is the car park of the community centre. It is free but you can only park 4 hours maximum. If you are looking to spend the whole day, then park on Boundary Road or George St.

Important note: if you google the name of Jubilee Adventure Playground, it will appear as Jubilee Park. Also, it appears as Jubilee Park, if you search on Google Maps or iPhone Maps.

My daughters had a great time! It is always a safe bet, when I choose to visit a playground that has big slides and a flying fox.

Could you recommend us a new playground that we haven’t reviewed yet? 

Jubilee Park adventure playground mortdale
Jubilee Park adventure playground mortdale

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    Thank you for the excellent info! I have great nieces and nephews ranging from 2yrs to 7yrs old so this looks like a great park for all of them…..Happy weekend??

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