On The Road With A Jucy Campervan + The Kids

In search of a bit of pre-Christmas simplicity and to escape the maddening shopping crowds, we’re on a wee road trip.

And I see I’m not alone in that search for a bit of slowness at the moment. I read Mrs Woog’s and Sonia’s at Love, Life and Hiccups’s posts on simplicity yesterday and could so relate.

I was so ready to run away from home for a few days.

We’ve been loaned a Jucy Rentals campervan– thank you Jucy.

My first plan had been to drive over to Dubbo Zoo but the twins begged to visit the Christmas Lights Spectacular again at the Hunter Valley Gardens and how could I refuse?

Kids on Jucy campervan

Jucy rentals campervan 4 berth

When I was a wee girl in Scotland our family went camping a lot. Later Dad had boats and we spent our summer holidays sailing up and down the lochs and islands and mountains of the west coast.

On a boat you live simply and everything has its place. And the campervan is just like that. It’s all very compact and has loads of nifty features.

Jucy Rentals Campervan- We are loving:

+ The ‘penthouse suite’ which is like a mini-tent which pops up when you lift the roof. Cute! . So popular with the kids that I will never get a turn

+ The dinky fridge

+ The camping stove that slides out

+ The whistling kettle

20121218-125443.jpg + The roll-down blackout blinds with press studs, they block out all the light

+ The comfy bed that slides out inside the van itself. Myself and twins slept there and it was fine

+ Love that sheets doonas and towels are provided

+ Camping chairs are also provided and I brought a little table of our own.

kettle jucy campervan rentals

Who doesn’t love a singing kettle?

Any problems?

No room to pack bikes which would be great to have.  The DVD player in the back won’t work for us, is it me? But we have many iDevices so movies are still showing.


A simple first breakfast in the van… second and third breakfasts follow soon after

The freedom of the open road is all too fleeting though.

Our plans to spend another couple of nights at Shoal Bay won’t work out as the dear old mum of a dear old friend has died.

So we are heading south to commemorate her long life later this week.

But I knew I’d love a campervan. It does remind me of sailing as a child but without the rain the wind and the drunken sailor dad.

Ah we’ll be back on the open road some day soon. Like snails carrying everything we need, land-based wandering sailors.

In the interests of reflecting real life, I have to tell you that the twins are driving me mad with their bickering and whinging.

Their big brother is occasionally going mental with them and even I lost my temper after a twin tantrum caused by being asked to brush teeth. I ask you!! Tears were shed this morning – mine!  But then we went for a swim and all calmed down.

So just the typical family situation.

No idyllic family togetherness here.

Jucy Rental campervan kitchen

But we’ve got a cute wee kitchen, so what do we care?

Are you managing a few moments of simplicity?

Did you have to run away from home like me to get some?

Any top tips for the learner campervanner?


 Thanks to Jucy for loaning us the van. I paid for all other expenses incurred and haven’t been paid to write this post.




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Posted on: December 18, 2012


  • What a great idea! I have never even considered a break like this. Off to google it now. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a wonderful Christmas. Rachel xx

    • Reply December 21, 2012


      Maybe break isn’t the right word… it’s mothering on the road! I will post on the holiday park we stayed at as it was god and there are lots of other good spots, with pools and good amenities, so making it more glamping than camping. Happy Holidays Rachel and all the very best for 2013.

  • Reply December 21, 2012


    We have a camper trailer and are going to Busselton (WA). I love camping. Have a fantastic Christmas

    • Reply December 21, 2012


      You too Lisa, popping over to visit. Hope to catch some photos of your holiday next year!

  • Reply December 21, 2012


    I see Jucy Campervans around and I always thought they were just catered for the backpacker.
    We’re thinking of doing a road trip soon so thanks for some great ideas.
    Simplicity is key. I’ve decided that 2013 is the year to cut all the dead wood and make things easier on myself. Life’s too short for complications.

    • Reply December 21, 2012


      Very true, very true indeed, lets all think simple for 2013. My 6 year old slept up in the top bit but I don’t think kids much younger than him would be game to sleep so separately from Mum and Dad. One day I’ll also look into bigger campers, but I’d have to pluck up the courage to drive something much bigger. The Jucy wasn’t too different from my 7-seater really – easy to drive. But I imagine the big, big campers would take some getting used to.

  • Reply December 21, 2012


    What a great idea! I would love to be up the top. I wonder if it would be too hot?

    • Reply December 21, 2012


      Yes, I think the top would be really hot on a hot night, I guess all kinds of camping gets that way. Then we would all need a swag instead!

  • Reply December 21, 2012


    We actually just bought a campervan not long ago. My hubby’s way of trying to get me to go camping more often. And if it came with a working toilet, I might actually consider it! lol
    No, I will. I’ve made a promise.
    Really though, I don’t think anything stops the bickering. If you find the answer, please let me know!

    • Reply December 21, 2012


      PS. I forgot to say Merry Christmas. Hope you have a happy and safe one 🙂

  • Reply December 22, 2012

    Danya Banya

    We’ve spent over a year campervanning before – 3 mnths in Europe and another 9 months in Nth America. But that was pre-kids…. Would love to hear how you go! PS – my number 1 tip – park somewhere totally FLAT.


    • Reply December 22, 2012


      Well, I must admit that I did dream about setting off totally alone… will be a grey nomad one day and will really enjoy it.

  • Reply December 24, 2012


    This is a great idea for a budget-friendly family holiday. I’ve seen those Jucy vans around but didn’t know much about them. I’m sure my kids would fight – but then again, they’d do that in a 5 star resort too, so no change there! Have a great Christmas 🙂

    • Reply December 26, 2012


      Hah, your kids sound like mine. Very wearing!

  • Reply December 27, 2012


    This is a great idea Seana! I hope you are having (or had) a good break! Best wishes for the New year!

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