Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai, Our Family Review – The Rooms, Suites + Villas


Good morning! You’d better put the kettle on and make a cup of tea as this post is a bit of a long one.

I went a bit mad with my new Lumix GM1 mirrorless camera when we stayed at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and you’re about to get a VERY good idea about what a stay there is like. Stand by!

So, starting with the big picture. This resort hotel is shaped like a huge wave, you can see this clearly in the photo below. It’s had a bit of groovy cross processing done in Lightroom.

Jumeirah beach hotel family review rooms
I’ve had a rave already about how magnificent the views are from every room.  So lets now concentrate on the rooms, suites and villas themselves.

The Rooms

The resort has 598 guest rooms and suites, plus 19 villas.

We had two interconnecting Ocean Deluxe rooms, one with a king bed and a trundle, one with twin singles.  Each was 50 square metres ie big, and with a luxurious en suite.

We loved the sitting areas and desks

20131218 Jumeirah hotel-016-blog

Large TVs with plenty of kid-friendly channels, and very comfy office chairs.

20131218 Jumeirah-023-blog

I shared a king bed with Minnie the Minx and had to be dragged out screaming each morning.

20131218 Jumeirah hotel-014-blog

The teens were relieved to have big comfy beds for work, rest and game play.

20131218 Jumeirah hotel-020-blog

Ms7 face down on the bed, nothing was going to wake her up!

20131216 Jumeirah-050-blog

The huge bathrooms have walk-in showers and baths as well, plus double washbasins.

20131216 Jumeirah-083-blog

I was very impressed that the Jumeirah has complimentary sunscreen and lip balm as well as the usual shampoos, soaps etc etc.

20131218 Jumeirah hotel-023-blog

Like the pyjamas?

20131218 Jumeirah hotel-022-blog

A bedside unit with touch screen controls the curtains… I think I loved that as much as the kids did.

20131218 Jumeirah-024-blog

By the way, all rooms, suites and villas have free wifi. Good news when travelling with teenagers.

20131216 Jumeirah-054-blog

The Family Suites

We didn’t stay in the suites, but I was taken on a tour of them and took these photos.

There are two and three bedroom suites, ranging from 105 to 215 square metres.  The suites allow access to the Premier Club, more on that below.

King room in one of the suites

20131216 Jumeirah-086-blog

The view from the suite window.

20131216 Jumeirah-085-blog

All suites have private sun terraces – too good.

20131216 Jumeirah-079-blog

With their own eating and cooking areas, the suites are terrific for families with young children.

20131216 Jumeirah-081-blog

As a mother, I always appreciate curtains which block out ALL the sunlight. 

20131216 Jumeirah-080-blog

Beit – Al Bahar:  ‘Villas By The Sea’

Whilst the kids were busy at Sinbads and in the Hub one day, I enjoyed a tour of the private villas.  There are 19 one- and two-bedroom villas, each decorated in ornate and lavish Bedouin style.

A carved door leads into an opulent bedroom.

20131216 Jumeirah-096-blog

The sitting room in a villa.

20131216 Jumeirah-098-blog

Look at this amazing bathroom.

20131216 Jumeirah-095-blog


And a tented bed in the bedroom. You can see why honeymooners love these villas.

20131216 Jumeirah-094-blog

Each villa has its own private space for outdoor lounging.

20131216 Jumeirah-090-blog

This is the pool for exclusive use of villa guests.

20131216 Jumeirah-089-blog

The Premier Club

Guests staying in the villas and suites, and in the Club rooms have access to the Premier Club.  You can also add a Premier Club package to your room bill, we did this. This gives you breakfasts and access to the Premier Lounge, which caters well to families. You also have access to the Premier Pool.

The Lounge also serves complimentary afternoon tea and pre-dinner drinks and canapes. It has a kids play area with computers which all four of my children used.

I was glad to have added the Premier Club package as the kids were starving around afternoon tea time. At other times, it was handy to go somewhere and have a complimentary fruit juice or soft drink whenever we wanted.

The kids play area

20131216 Jumeirah-019-blog

Computers in the kids play area.

20131216 Jumeirah-022-blog

The Premier Lounge, afternoon tea and veg out time.

20131216 Jumeirah-057-blog

The Premier Pool – very lovely.

20131216 Jumeirah-100-blog

Any downsides?

I always like to be balanced in these reviews, here are a few thoughts:

The villas are very close to the Wild Wadi Water Park, terrific if you want to go there a lot. But some villas outdoor spaces might suffer from noise when the Water Park is open.

The villas would be great for families with one or two children, that would be ideal.  If we were staying as a family of six, I’d definitely try for a 3-bedroom apartment or for three rooms (our kids are old enought for this.)

This resort hotel is a 5-star, it’s luxurious… and it’s not cheap. Check out prices and look for the quieter times of the year.

Weather: we stayed in December when the weather was cooller. In summer when the heat is ferocious, I believe the pools are chilled, and the aircon would be 100% necessary.

I didn’t take this shot – I wish!!  It’s from the hotel website.


And here’s a random shot of wee Rusty Rocket, as he’ll complain if he’s the only one not shown in a photo on this post.

20131216 Jumeirah-049-blog

So that’s my tour for you today of the accommodation options at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.  Hope you enjoyed your armchair travelling today.

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It’s harsh to be home! Just not very 5-star here at Casa Chaos.

What’s been your fave ever hotel stay?


Disclaimer: We were given a reduced media room rate for our four night stay at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel – many thanks.

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  1. says: Simone

    Wow. Accommodations look great. We tried to pop into the Burj Al Arab for high tea a few years back and couldn’t get by the front gate without a booking and the right dress code (which it was way too hot for). That was in August/September which I can confirm is Super Hot!

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