Jumping Off Moona Moona Bridge

Iona jumps2

I know Moona Moona is a great favourite for all of us who love Jervis Bay.

This tidal inlet is such a top place for little kids to play, and it’s got excitement for older kids too.

Dexter dives

Leaping from the bridge is a time honoured tradition, and a bit of a rite of passage too.

The drop looks huge when the tide is lower, as it is in these photos from our time there over Christmas.

The Council recently put a sign up:

‘Jumping or diving off this bridge is prohibited.’

And I do understand that they have to say that.

But for me and my kids it’s compulsory… so holiday would be complete without a leap.

My fave this year was to kayak along to Moona Moona and all the way to the bridge, have a few jumps and kayak home.

The water is deep, except on one side.

It’s not safe, of course not, but kids will risk take in many ways and this is a fairly safe way to do so.

Teens will risk take even more, I did say to Teen15 that diving as he did in the picture above was a bit too much – so then he did back flips instead.

Seana jumps

And here’s me leaping off the bridge too.

The council’s sign reminds me of when the council took away the springy diving board from the sublime Northbridge Baths in Sydney’s Middle Harbour.   A shame, a shame.

I take responsibility for my kids and if they have an accident, I know the responsibility will be 100% mine.

Here’s a wee video of us jumping, from a couple of years ago.

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Was jumping off a bridge an essential part of your childhood?

Do you let your children leap?

Happy jumping





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