Keeping Mother’s Day Simple

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My Mum used to tut tut about Mother’s Day when myself and my sisters and brother were little.

‘It’s just commercial, too American,’ she’d say. And look, she had a point for sure.

But celebrating motherhood, and cups of tea in bed, has always sounded good to me. But I hope that we generally enjoy Mother’s Day in a simple, low key way. 


We’d had a huge week. The twins turned 8 on Friday and they had a massive bowling and laser party on Saturday. We were all excessed out by today. So simply enjoying the gifts the twins had made at school were joy enough.


Love the colours… these aren’t butterflies by the way, they’re caterpillars with wings.


In truth, I would never wear yellow trousers, but apart from that this is a true representation of my little lass and I.

I was completely thrilled with the notes that the little darlings had written in their cards. Can’t think of higher praise… thrilled!


And this picture drawn by Rusty Rocket is just the bees knees.

‘It’s the story of the day you were swimming in the sea and you saw the shark underneath you,’ he told me.

So it is. And yes, indeed, so I did!

Well, that brought back a startling memory. (Don’t panic, it was a grey nurse shark, and swimming in the opposite direction. Whew.)


How splendiferous to get thanks on paper for cooking dinners. Something that RARELY happens at the dinner table.

The teenagers were pretty helpful round the house. I’d asked them just to go for a wee bushwalk with me today, but we never quite got round to that. Held in trust.

Happy Mother’s Day, 



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Posted on: May 11, 2014


  • Reply May 11, 2014


    Safe travels my friend. Hugs for your journey’s purpose. Hope you have a grand time catching up with Mum. D x

  • Reply May 11, 2014

    Caroline McGrory

    Seana, I loved when ur daughter called u a “cheerful mother” I can’t think of higher praise! My self-proclaimed “firstborn son” of 14 years addressed his card to “my wee Mumsies” which @ 6 foot tall (& smaller now than him) made me feel warm & fuzzy. My firstborn daughter gave me a card which sang the “hamster dance” cos “I’m a little bit crazy”, also made me happy. Bon voyage SS x

  • What lovely gifts and messages. I love the letters they write and how thoughtful of RR to bring your shark encounter story to life 🙂

    I loved your newsetter – well done! I just stopped sending mine as I rarely had time to write anything extra so it was only getting sent about once a month. I’ve gone back to the automated newsletter version now but your personal message and news was lovely. Even if we can only manage it once a month it’s worth doing!

    Bon voyage and enjoy your kiddie free time. I know you will!

  • Reply May 12, 2014

    Gourmet Getaways

    What a lovely Mother’s Day!!
    I too had an amazing day, my children know how to make me feel very special. Such a lovely story.

  • Reply May 17, 2014

    Hotly Spiced

    I always think heartfelt cards and thoughtful drawings are what I desire most on Mother’s Day. Your children are gorgeous and they certainly made you feel special. I hope all is going well in Scotland. My mother had a hip replacement last year so I know all about the rehabilitation and how long it takes. Lovely that you can be there with her xx

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