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Cremorne Point Manor

If you are in search of a lovely boutique hotel on gorgeous Cremorne Point.  When owner Jean-Claude Branch asked if I’d like to come and stay to check the place out, it took me about a nanosecond to hit reply.

I adore Cremorne Point and I’ve had some really great times there, both when I was young, free and single and with the family.  It’s a terrific base from which to explore our harbour city.

I stayed with my son Dexbox, who was turning 13 the next day, so this was a special birthday treat for him.  Shhh, don’t tell, but it was a massive treat for me too. See photo of the amazing bath below.

Cremorne Point Manor King Spa suite
This is the bathroom in the King Spa Suite where we stayed. Bliss.

Cremorne Point Manor – Seven Things You’ll Love About Staying Here

1. Location, Location

A 10-minute and very scenic ferry trip to Circular Quay is one of the Point’s great attractions. But there’s also lots to do in this peninsular suburb too. There’s a gorgeous walk around the point, a good playground, great picnic spots and even a lighthouse. Then there’s one of Sydney’s best-kept secrets, the idyllic MacCallum Pool, read my previous post about it here.

2. The Hotel’s Character and A Sense of History

Cremorne Point Manor has been used as a hotel since it was built in the 19th century.  It’s federation style is very appealling, the hotel really feels like a grand old mansion.

cremorne point manor doorway
Isn’t this a gorgeous door frame.

3. Great Variety of Rooms – and Costs

We stayed in one of the more deluxe rooms, and it was fab. There are also deluxe rooms with harbour views, very lovely.  There’s a family suite too, see below.  The smaller rooms are small, and have shared bathrooms, but there’s noting wrong with that.  The prices for these rooms are low so they make a great option for budget travellers who want to enjoy a fantastic location.

4. Terrific Family Suite 

There are two separate rooms in this suite with a queen bed in one and a bunk and single bed in the other. There’s an ensuite bathroom too. Fantastic for families, and the breakfast room is very family friendly too with high chairs and a hard foor rather than carpet.

5. A Personal Touch

With a small, boutique hotel like this you will be looked after well. There’s nothing impersonal about it, quite refreshing after a few stays in the big, very corporate city hotels. The managers have time to give you advice and help you out with tours and sight-seeing ideas and advice. They care. And wifi is free, which I really, really appreciated.

6. The Art Works

Each rooms has some really interesting and unusual art works and there are several dotted around the corridor walls too. Just a wee visual extra that I found very pleasant.

cremorne point manor art

7.  Great Things To Do Nearby

As well as all the delights of Cremorne Point, Taronga Zoo is just across the bay, Manly is along and round and across the water a bit. If you have a car this is a terrific base from which to explore Sydney.  And whilst I think about it, it was easy to find a street park, which is free, you can’t say that about many hotels in Sydney! If you’re using public transport you will find the ferries are best for travelling around, and such a beautiful and restful way to move around Sydney Harbour.

Cremorne Point playground
The playground at Cremorne Point

Cremorne Point Manor has an excellent website with heaps on information on the rooms available, prices and a short video tour of the hotel. 

Cremorne Point Manor’s Restoration

Current owner Jean-Claude Branch bought the building seven years ago and has transformed it from a shabby 2-star to a lovely 4-star guesthouse. Jean-Claude has a background in finance and no background in hotels.

He says: ‘But I wanted to create a hotel from my experiences around the world. somewhere that is both comfortable and homely, and somewhere where we don’t charge for every extra.’

The old building was more or less gutted. Wwe added the back area, re-did every room and bathroom. We won the HMAA (Hotel Motel Association of Australia) best renovation 2008.for NSW of which I’m very proud.’

Cremorne point manor ws

I asked whether any more changes are planned?

‘Always, it’s never a finished product, I try to obtain feedback from all my guests to see what they want, hence we have really nice beds, silent fridges (yes they truly are completely silent). and soon we will be improving the sound travel between floors. At the end of the day one needs a good night’s sleep and I want to try and provide the best sleep, a nice breakfast in the morning and a lovely homely environment.’

Jean-Clause adds:  ‘We have local sulphur crested cockatoos which come for multiple daily feeds. It’s little things like this which make the Manor a unique place to stay. We want to be like your home away from home.’

Cremorne Point Manor messy bed

I’ll just finish on a very personal note. That amazing circular spa bath was a real treat, but the biggest and most delightful part of the experience for me was that we woke up at 9am.


That’s unheard of for me and for Dex. 9am!!  Perhaps the first time I have woken at that time in 15 years of motherhood. I don’t even bother setting alarms as I am ALWAYS awake at 6.30am or so, whether the twinnies wake me up or not.

9am – imagine. The beds really are super comfortable, and this is a very quiet and peaceful location.

The photos above are off the two-room family suite. It has one queen room and a room with bunks and a single, plus an ensuite. Great for families.

The verandah cremorne point manor
The verandah faces east across Mosman Bay
view from verandah Cremorne Point Manor

There are wide views over Mosman Bay, Taronga Zoo and the Harbour towards the heads, very pretty.

old photo of Cremorne Point Manor
An advert for the hotel from 1927
sign at Cemorne Point Manor
I completely agree with the words on this sign
sitting area Cremorne Point Manor
This sitting area is upstairs
kitchen at Cremorne Point Manor

This small kitchen is available for guests to use.

high chair cremorne Point manor
Love a hotel that welcomes young children
outdoors cremorne point manor
There’s a small outdoors area of the breakfast room
breakfast room Cremorne Point Manor
Here’s the main breakfast room
King bed Cremorne Point Manor
And I slept well in this comfy bed

Hope you enjoyed the photos. Our full review can be found on this post.

My son and I stayed as guests of Cremorne Point Manor. 

So there you go, big ticks all round from Dex and myself. We’d like to thank Jean-Claude for initing us to stay and the hotel staff for making our stay a pleasure.

I took so many photos that I will put up another post with them.

Where’s your favourite place to stay in Sydney?

Top Tips for a Fun Hotel Stay with Your Little Ones

Embarking on a family holiday is an exciting time for everyone, but staying at a hotel with your young ones can sometimes be challenging. With the right approach, you can transform this experience into a delightful adventure for both parents and kids. 

We’re going to share our top tips for a fun hotel stay with your little ones, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable time for the whole family. 

1. Choose a Family-Friendly Hotel

When booking a hotel, make sure to choose one that caters to families with children. Look for hotels that offer family rooms, kids’ clubs, and child-friendly amenities such as pools, play areas, and babysitting services. 

These features will ensure that your kids have a fun and comfortable stay, giving you peace of mind to enjoy your holiday.

2. Research Hotel Policies and Amenities

Before making a reservation, research the hotel’s policies and amenities to ensure they align with your family’s needs. 

Check if the hotel offers cots, high chairs, or rollaway beds for young children, and inquire about any age restrictions for certain facilities. Knowing what to expect will help you better prepare for your stay.

3. Plan Your Room Layout

Consider the layout of your hotel room when booking, especially if you have multiple children or need extra space. Opt for a room with a separate living area or adjoining rooms to provide ample space for your family to spread out and relax. 

This will also make it easier to manage bedtime routines and ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

4. Pack Smart

When packing for your hotel stay, consider items that will make your time at the hotel more enjoyable and stress-free for both you and your children. Include essentials such as snacks, toys, and any comfort items your child relies on at home, like their favourite blanket or stuffed animal. 

Don’t forget to pack any necessary medications and a small first aid kit to address minor injuries or illnesses.

5. Establish Ground Rules

Upon arrival at the hotel, set clear expectations and ground rules for your children to ensure their safety and well-being during the stay. Discuss appropriate behaviour in the hotel, such as using indoor voices, not running in the hallways, and being respectful of other guests. 

Establishing boundaries early on will help prevent any issues or misunderstandings throughout your stay.

6. Keep a Routine

Maintaining a consistent routine can help your children feel more at ease in an unfamiliar environment. 

Stick to regular meal and bedtime schedules as much as possible. Also, try to incorporate familiar activities from home, like reading a bedtime story or enjoying a family game night. 

A sense of routine will help your children adjust more quickly and make the hotel stay more enjoyable for everyone.

7. Take Advantage of Hotel Facilities

Make the most of your hotel stay by taking advantage of the family-friendly facilities and activities offered. Enjoy the swimming pool, visit the play area, or participate in any organised kids’ clubs or activities. 

These amenities will keep your children entertained and help create lasting memories of your trip.

8. Be Prepared for Meal Times

When travelling with children, it’s essential to be prepared for meal times at the hotel. Inquire about the hotel’s dining options, including on-site restaurants, room service, and kid-friendly menus. 

If your children have specific dietary requirements or preferences, consider bringing some non-perishable snacks and foods that you know they’ll enjoy. 

9. Allow for Downtime

While it’s tempting to pack your itinerary with activities and sightseeing, it’s important to remember that children need downtime to relax and recharge. 

Schedule some quiet time each day for your kids to unwind in the hotel room, whether it’s watching a movie, playing with toys, or simply resting. This break will help prevent meltdowns and keep your children refreshed for the remainder of your holiday.

10. Communicate with Hotel Staff

Maintain open communication with the hotel staff throughout your stay. Inform them of any specific needs or concerns you may have regarding your children. They can often provide helpful tips, suggestions, or assistance to ensure your family has a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Remember that the hotel staff are there to help, and working together can make your stay with kids a more pleasant experience for everyone involved.

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