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Sorry to report that this play centre is currently closed. Stand by for news of the new venue!!

Kids World Playland under 4s 2
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Bright, colourful and spacious, Kids World Playland at the Macquarie Centre at Macquarie Park is a fun spot for kids and a handily central indoor play location to meet up with friends and family from all over Sydney.

And, did you know that Kids World offers a Drop and Shop option for children aged 5 – 11 years? Toilet trained children aged 3 – 5 years can also be dropped off, though this service must be booked ahead. This is a terrific option for tired parents who need to zap around the shops and know their kids will be safe and happy playing instead.

Before we get started on all the practicalities of a visit, let us show you the play equipment at Kids World Playland.

By Kirsten Karbowiak

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0 – 4 years Play Area 

The equipment within the enclosed 0 – 4 years area was perfect for my toddler. Older children closer to four might, however, get antsy. Adults are allowed in to assist the kids which meant that we didn’t have to miss out on the fun too. Although we spent most of our time on the blow-up ship, there is a variety of equipment in this area to amuse the kids; 

  • Soft mini carousel
  • Blow up ship 
  • Interactive piano
  • Small fort with 3 levels and a variety of obstacles
  • Mid-length, mid-sloped slippery dip
  • Ball pit 
  • Lego fun 
  • Soft brick wall play
Kids World Playland under 4s 3 1
Fun play within the fort play structure
Kids World Playland under 4s 4
Kids World Playland under 4s 5
Kids World Playland under 4s 8
Kids World Playland under 4s
Kids World Playland Macquarie Centre 4
The huge blowup slide

The Slide for Kids Aged 3 – 11 years

Adults aren’t allowed on the slide which restricts the younger kids from being able to go on it. It is reasonably steep though so not sure either one of us would have enjoyed it :-). There were some early primary-aged children on there the day I visited who seemed to be having a blast.

Kids World Playland Macquarie Centre 2
The long slide in the older kids area

The 5 – 11 Years Play Area 

The fort play structure in this area is massive, it has three levels, with a variety of areas to discover and a popular ball shooting area called “Ball Battle.”

Adults are allowed in this area also which for any of the younger or less confident kids would be advisable on a busy day at least until the child familiarised themselves with the routes. It’s easy to get lost in there! Some of the areas include:

  • Numerous large soft ball shooting guns
  • A cool circular spy tower 
  • Large soft cylindrical steps
  • Two long slippery dips
  • Various soft obstacles hanging and on the floor
  • Balancing beams
  • Trampoline area 
Kids World Playland Macquarie Centre
The ball battle area!
Kids World Playland Macquarie Centre 1
Prepare to do battle!
Kids World Playland Macquarie Centre 7 1
The layout of this indoor playground

Kids World Playland Practical Details

Address: Level 4, The Macquarie Centre (previously Chipmunks), 197-223 Herring Road, Macquarie Park 2113

Phone: 02 9888 5275

Kids World Playland website, click here.

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 10.00am – 4.00pm

Keep an eye out for deals and specials on the Kids World Playland facebook page here.

When to visit? 

 I’d imagine that on a rainy Saturday or Sunday it would get very noisy especially around the 5 -11 years fort with those ball guns going off. The quietest times are mid-week right on 10am which is when they open, or around 2 – 3pm.

Finding Macquarie Centre

Having not been to the Centre in years I was nervous about finding it. Google did a great job and Entry and Exit was easy, pretty much straight in and out onto the M2 or Lane Cove Road / Ryde Road depending on which direction you’re coming from. 

With train and bus stops right at the Centre’s doorstep public transport makes the Centre really accessible. 

Check out Macquarie Centre’s Getting There web page for more information.

Navigating the Car Parks

Kids World can be most easily accessed from the Black Level Car Park (Rooftop) which can be accessed via either Talavera Road, Herring Road Overpass or the Express Ramp from Waterloo Road. If you do not manage this – and the many Macquarie centre car parks can be difficult to navigate if you are not used to them – just find any car park (remembering to take a snap-shot of where it is), enter the centre and just go from there. 

NB The parking spaces are wide which allows for plenty of space to get kids out of car seats and to push the pram through to the boot without having to unload on the road. Mid-afternoon, mid-week there was no problem finding a car park as there are plenty of spots but I’d imagine that on a weekend it can get pretty busy. There are specific “Parents’ with prams” spots which are marked in orange.

Macquarie Centre offers three hours free car parking, or free all day if you spend more than $400. The Express Parking Area makes it easy to park but you do have to pay for it.

Finding Level 4

Once you’re in, finding Level 3 via the lift or escalators is relatively easy but Level 4 is a little more challenging as only some of the lifts bring you up there and if you have a pram then the escalators are out. There is an escalator AND lift that takes you to level 4 just next to Adairs.

You will find Kids World Playland on Level 4, a few doors down from JB HiFi.

At the Indoor Play Centre – Procedures

I was happy with the hygiene and Covid precautions; Service NSW check in, hand sanitiser and staff constantly walking around spraying and wiping down surfaces. I spoke with the manager and asked him what the procedure was with the plastic balls. There are less of them used these days, two sets are on rotation, and they get a bath in the hot dishwasher every night.

The centre seemed to have a lot of rules and regulations displayed and were enforcing them whilst we were there which was good to see. 

For example when you enter your child is given a wrist-band which identifies them to you with a raffle-like system; you show the ticket butt when you leave to ensure you have the correct child. 

NB All adults and children must wear socks at all times.

Kids World Playland Macquarie Centre 6
The cafe is very spacious, this was taken on a quiet weekday

The Cafe

As with most indoor playgrounds, no food or drink is allowed to be brought onto the premises. This certainly helps with the centre’s efforts towards being as nut-free as possible. 

There is a wide range of food available to cater for a variety of dietary requirements and pricing is reasonable. I can be a bit of a coffee snob and I found the coffee here to be a bit overpriced and I wasn’t a fan. Kids food servings are $3.50 and meal deals $10 which is pretty good especially if you have a few children with you. 

Kids World Parties

Children’s parties are a speciality, check out all the party package details here.

Parties booked in February are 20% off, so now is the time to book!!

Kids World Playland Macquarie Centre 5
Kids party room

Kids World Pricing 

A massive pro is that you don’t pay for adults or babies under one, and the pricing per child is set so there are no time limits. Kids can play all day for these prices, if they have the energy.

1-2 yrs = $12.90, 3-11 yrs = $15.90. On school days 1-11 yrs = $11.90.

Drop and Shop costs $20 for an hour, $25 for two or $30 for three: that’s not a bad deal I’d say.

You can become a Kids World member which is free and has a range of benefits.


The centre caters for large parties, and has party packages in place. It’s a great choice location-wise if your kids have friends living in various areas of Sydney or if you’re looking for a rainy day option.

There are no steps inside the venue, and plenty of space to move around. The cafe has plenty of tables, chairs and high chairs. 

The women’s bathroom has a portable change table and the family room a fold out. Both were kept clean. There are no quiet breast feeding spaces nor toddler toilet though. 

Hope that you have enjoyed this tour around the Kids World Playland and cafe at the Macquarie Centre.

Catch you there one day!

IMG 8735
Fun climbing tunnel in the older childrens’ area

This article was supported by Kids World Playland – many thanks. All opinions are our own!

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