Kidz Connexion, Oxford Falls: Sydney’s Best Kids Play Centres-

This is a good little play centre, cheerful and a bit cheaper than most.

Kidz Connexion is rather hidden away from view and is not open every day, but once you know where it is and when it’s open, it’s a handy weapon in your wet/hot weather armoury.

Kidz Connexion

Christian City Church, Corner Wakehurst Parkway and Dreadnought Road

Oxford Falls 2100

Website: Kidz Connexion website here

Open: Wednesdays–Saturdays only.

Very pleasant and relaxed smaller centre, good prices and comfortable cafe.  Kidz Connexion is for children up to 10 years. The equipment is good, most of it is situated under cover outside, always great for the kids be get a bit of fresh air.

There is a big play structure, a large trampoline and a space with cubbies and blocks toplay with.

The area for under-threes is indoors right beside the cafe, which is a warm, welcoming space.

Parking: Carpark beside Kidz Connexion

Map:  See Google map here.

What’s your favourite play centres?  Do your children prefer smaller ones or the great big gigantic ones?

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Posted on: September 20, 2011

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