My Daughter’s 5 Ideas to Reduce Screen Time For Tweens

It was the usual story…

You’re spending too much time on screens!

Think of some other things to do!

My daughter is almost 13 and she does love her screens… she can be quite creative using them but she does need a break.

She made a list of things to do, and she really does enjoy these activitites. So I asked her to make a video things for tweens to do that are off their screens.

She said she would… on her screen!


Well done, my wee sweeties. You’ve made a fun little video and got your creative juices going.

I hope other tweens might see this and find something to do off screens.

Now she’s asking if she can make more videos… I say a big YES… but make a cake first, please my darling!

Some other things I do to reduce the kids screen time is to get them outside… and leave the screens in the actual house. They do moan but once they are out and whizzing around, they are happy.

Is it hard to get your kids off screens too? 

Do you have any top tips to help others limit screen time for their kids.

All ideas welcome!

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Posted on: March 6, 2019

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