Lizard Log Playground and Picnic Area, Horsley Park

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It’s been 10 years since our first visit to this lovely playground.  It was called Pimelea Playspace in those days, and was and is a terrific feature of the huge Western Sydney Parklands.

This is a wonderful area for a big picnic, the facilities are really terrific. But the kids will also enjoy coming for a play at any time!

Western Sydney Parklands has done a short video, less than two mins, which shows the playground really well. Here it is:

Lizard Log Playground

(formerly Pimelea Playspace)

Western Sydney Regional Park, Cnr Cowpasture Road and the Horsley Drive, Horsley Park NSW 2164


This is spacious playground with equipment located in a landscaped area with a riverside jetty theme. A 2 metre wide path winds round the playground and past the large barbecue areas. The path is 2.5 kilometres long so it’s good for a stroller walk or a cycle for older children.

Within the playspace is a grey junior cycle track. There are some unique features in this playground. There is a scramble hill, with boards to clamber up and slides and a fireman’s pole to whiz down. A human sundial delights older children. They can stand on the spot marked with the current month and their own shadow falls on the correct time.

There are large sculptures and stone seats, and a dry creek runs through the middle of the playground, a terrific area for imaginative play. There is a terrific speedboat on springs with a wobble skiboard behind it. There are five swings set in a circle and some spicas close by. Tables and BBQs are set close by, with the beautiful gum trees this is a lovely spot for a picnic.

There’s a teenager playspace a little distance away which is not suitable for the under fives, but the main playspace will keep them occupied.

There are free BBQs and several large picnic shelters.  Lots of cycling parks in Western Sydney Parklands.

Nearest coffee: BYO

Toilets: Yes

Shade: Some

Enclosed: No, but safely far from the road

Mum’s report: This is a great place to visit for the day, especially on a sunny winter’s day. It can get boiling in summer though, avoid midday!

Map reference: Gregory’s 333 F4, Sydway 269 P12, UBD 228 A4

Parking: Carpark by the playground

Have you been to sea in western Sydney?

The playground has been updated and we need to get there again to take some more photos. But in the meantime, here are a couple of photos taken by Fiona Robbe, the landscape architect who designed it.

Which is your fave playground in Western Sydney?

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Posted on: September 20, 2012

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  • Reply April 2, 2011

    Life In A Pink Fibro

    I love that yellow boat. I want one. Looks like a fab park!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

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