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Maroubra is a very well known surf beach, the name means ‘like thunder’ and when you’re there, you can hear just why. But there’s also a wonderful playground and a skate park at Maroubra beach, the playground is great for little kids and the skate park for the big kids.

Maroubra playground beach skate park
Maroubra Playground beach and skate park

Maroubra Beach Playground

Arthur Byrne Reserve, Marine Parade, Maroubra 2033

Maroubra Beach info on Randwick Council website: click here

Pirate dressups are the ideal look for the nautical theme of this terrific playground.

There are two large ship play structures and most of the other equipment has a wood and rope ‘rigging’ feel to it.

There is a big climbing frame, a wobbly bridge, a surfboard rocker, spicas and a wooden bridge. Benches are dotted around the edge and there is some grass for picnic rugs.

The playground has a good rubber softfall and a lovely open feel.

The reserve around the playground is large with BBQs, and plenty of places to ride a bike or trike.

For the older brothers and sisters there is a big skate park near the playground.

NB Maroubra beach, at 1km the longest of the Eastern Suburbs beaches, is characterised by strong rips. There are two Surf Life Saving Clubs on the beach, however, this is NOT a great beach for young kids.  

There is no rock pool on the beach itself but further north at Jack Vanny Memorial park is Mahon Pool. You can see lots of photos of that at Google Images: I haven’t visited – YET!


Nearest takeaway coffee: Cafe in pavilion beside playground

Toilets: In pavilion

Shade: Huge shadecloth sails give heaps of shade.

Enclosed: Yes

Mum’s report: Brisk sea breezes help to clear the heads of sleep-deprived, toddler-befuddled parents.

Extra: Skate park for older children is a short stroll away. Website here.  Maroubra promenade is lovely to stroll or bike along.

Parking: Free carpark beside playground.

Bus stop nearby: Yes

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Maroubra Playground beach and skate park
Maroubra Playground beach and skate park
Maroubra Playground beach and skate park
Maroubra Playground beach and skate park
Maroubra Playground beach and skate park cafe
Here’s the cafe by the Surf Life Saving Club, by toilets too, very close to playground.
Maroubra Playground beach and skate park
The spacious promenade on a winter’s day.
Maroubra Playground beach and skate park
A winter’s day at Maroubra
Maroubra Playground beach and skate park
Looks a bit wild, doesn’t it?
Maroubra Playground beach and skate park

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  1. says: Grace

    Oh, we love Maroubra beach playground! We’ve stopped by there on the way to swimming lessons.
    There’s also a great cafe across the road. It’s been there for donkey’s years but makes a great breakfast – eggs, bacon, sausages…the works!

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Good morning Grace, yes, it’s great isn’t it. I didn’t even notice the cafe, nothing like local expertise.

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