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Stand by, I’m going into a messy melange here of rave and lament…

You see, I went to Problogger Event last year, and this post is about one of the most useful things I learned from that blogging conference.

The lament is that I can’t go this year and… I will miss spending time with bloggy friends, and hanging out nattering and also being inspired and informed too.

Big sigh… there’s always next year.

But back to MeetEdgar.  Darren, the Problogger himself, mentioned this social media scheduling tool in one of his talks… explaining that you create a library of social media posts which you can schedule again and again.

This immediately made sense for me as I have a couple of dozen posts that are always useful for readers when it’s school holiday time.

Anyway, I signed up with MeetEdgar and have used it now for almost a year.

I’m telling you that it’s the reason I still only have two grey hairs. It saves me so much time and worry.

As a person who’s just not online all the time, MeetEdgar lets me plan ahead and make sure that useful content is still going out across my social media channels.

Here’s the schedule for some of this week.



I now have a library of hundreds of social media posts, often linking to my own posts or other useful info that readers can relate to.

This is the current schedule. It’s very sparse at the moment, but sometimes I load it up a lot more, especially in school hols.


Whenever I write and publish a new post, I load it into MeetEdgar and it hops to the front of the schedule.

So handy… I could drop dead tomorrow and a daily social media post would go out.

Not that I’m planning too.

Anyway, MeetEdgar is the biggest blogging expense I have. The monthly cost of MeetEdgar is $49 US. I paid a year up front as that was quite a bit cheaper.

Can I just say that my kids also love MeetEDgar as it means I am not glued to my phone or laptop at all hours?

Anyway, if you’re in this bloggy world and thinking you need to simplify and streamline, my advice is to save your pennies and try out MeetEdgar.

Over and out!

No, I must moan about not being able to go to the Gold Coast for Problogger once more!

Are you going?

Happy social media socialising!

Seana xx



Posted on: August 16, 2016


  • I was there last year too! I really need to do this. I was using Hootsuite but I didn’t find it user friendly. There are so many posts in my archives I need to share again. Will check it out.

    • Reply August 19, 2016

      Seana Smith

      Hello Ashleigh, I think they let you start for free. A lot of people use Coschedule, but you need to keep loading them in whereas with MeetEdgar, the library of posts stays there. I think I have 350 in my library so far.

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