Our Sydney Multiple Birth Association Family Fun Day Photos

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Mom of twins

Any mum of twins will totally relate to that photo!  And there’s a funny dad one down at the bottom of this post too.

Multiple Birth Associations are for parents of twins, triplets and more, and they’re a lifesaver.

I joined my local one when I was pregnant and made good pals there. I’m still a member even though my twins are nearly seven and we’re moved out of that club’s area.

hard working fairy

The hardest working fairy in Australia

These photos are from our club’s recent Family Fun Day – it certainly was fun.

The cute factor was huge and not just because of the alpacas!!

twins pram

This brings back memories!!

Tiger twins
animals face paint
Iona pony ride alpaca 2 alpaca 1

Father of Twins

 If you’re expecting twins or more in Sydney, click on the AMBA website to find your local club.

That t-shirt is a classic! 

Do you have twins, triplets or more?

How cute are they exactly?

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Posted on: March 27, 2013


  • Reply March 27, 2013


    Great photos!! I guess you just have to laugh some days!!

  • Reply March 27, 2013

    Desire Empire

    A mum needs all the help she can get. I bow down to your over achieving. One at a time nearly killed me.

  • Reply March 27, 2013


    Cute photos. I made some good pals at in our local area too but now we have moved on and are just FB friends. Love the T-shirts.

    • Reply March 27, 2013


      I choked laughing when I saw the t-shirts, and that couple had the cutest, tiny baby twins, very sweet, and they’re just at the start of their twins adventures.

  • Reply March 27, 2013


    Cool shirts, I laugh at myself for thinking 2 kids were hard, roll on three under 3.5 and I know what tough is! Em x

    • Reply March 27, 2013


      Thank goodness I never had three close together, or four. There’s a big gap in the middle… lifesaver!

  • Reply March 27, 2013


    What a great day out!!! 🙂 I love the tshirts!! I would definitely wear one if I had twins!!

  • Reply March 27, 2013

    Mairi Stones

    My twins are way beyond all that cuteness. At 14 1/2 they are huge teenagers with raging hormones and too many ideas of their own, doubled!! Seriously though I love being a twin mum; they come with their own challenges and delights. X

  • Reply March 28, 2013


    Those photos are too funny Seana! Wow, seriously, twins. I find the thought of surviving it almost unfathomable. It exhausts me just to try! Hats off to you for making it through. I’m glad you had a good support group to help you. Fi xxx

  • Reply May 25, 2013

    Lisa Edwards

    I love this post and the photos! Really enjoyed your talk for AMBA NSW today. Thanks for sharing your story. Will be checking out “Sydney for Under Fives”.

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