My Husband….. Here Today, Gone Tonight….

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And off he goes! Whisked away in a limo, heading for Sydney airport, Dubai and finally Kurdistan.

It should be ME in that business class seat on Emirates, heading for a hotel and some interesting work overseas.

But sadly I am home with the kids, probably doing the dishes as you read this.

We’ve lived in Sydney for almost 15 years. But my husband hasn’t spent nearly that long here.

He’s always been a frequent business traveller, always off to see a man about an oil rig.

That’s why I call him my International Man of Mystery.

Sometimes, I’m amazed that we have seen each other enough to conceive all these children.  Actually, I could tell a few stories about that.  But I’ll spare you the gory details… for now!

Anyway, to say that I have had low moments when home alone in Sydney would be a gross, a gargantuan understatement. I’ve had some appalling times.

But we’ve all had to learn to make it work for us as a family.

Tonight he left for a five week trip to Kurdistan in the north of Iraq.

And he knows how things are for me, he understands and appreciates. He cuts me some slack, like the four nights away last week.

On Saturday night, out with friends, he said:

‘I don’t know how Seana does it, I really don’t.’

That’s gold to me. I need to feel appreciated, and even more, understood.  I hope he feels that his hard yakka is appreciated too.  It is.

Does your own man of mystery disappear from home?

Does he appreciate all you do to keep the home fires burning?


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Posted on: May 21, 2012


  • Reply May 21, 2012


    Wow – timing. Here I am catching up on paperwork and gorging on chocolate, on the first night that hubby is away. Mine is away no way near as long as yours, so I am now feeling a bit pathetic (and a bit sick after the chocolate), but this is going to be the longest he has ever been from our children – just over a week, from our almost 6yo and just turned 3yo.

    Would you like me to hand the chocolate over to you? Or maybe we will just share a cuppa before having an early night. 😀

    • Reply May 22, 2012


      Hello, lovely to meet you. I did have a lovely cup of pot-brewed white tea after (finally) finishing the washing up last night. But chocolate would also help! Mind you I usually get my choc fix when he gets back (see

      My youngest ones are six, the twins, I think that a disappearring dad is harder when the children are little. As theyget older they do undestand and it’s possible to reason and explain a bit more.

      We’re lucky in that, this year, hubby gets a lot of time off as he’s doing a job share, a rotation. So he’s been home for three and a half weeks not working. Kids like that!! It’s terribly tricky when a tired hubby gets home to a tired wife and kids and then gets no time for everyone to recuperate.

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