Narrabeen Lagoon Trail: An 8km Stroller Walk


Narrabeen Lake looking from the south
Narrabeen Lagoon taken from the south, you can see the beach and ocean on the right

If you are looking for a nice long walk to stretch the legs, surrounded by nature, then Narrabeen Lagoon Trail Sydney is for you.

NB This body of water is often called Narrabeen Lake, the correct term is actually Narrabeen Lagoon.

Narrabeen maps
Narrabeen is in Sydney’s Northern Beaches area




Narrabeen Lagoon Trail

How long is Narrabeen LagoonTrail?

The trail distance is 8.4km, going right around lovely Narrabeen Lagoon. It’s all manageable with a stroller even though not all of the path is paved.

How long does it take to walk around Narrabeen Lagoon?

It takes 2-3 hours to walk around the lake on the Narrabeen Lagoon track.

Narrabeen Lagoon Trail Map

Narrabeen Lagoon trail map
Narrabeen Lake map


NB  If you’d like to cycle around Narrabeen Lagoon, there’s a post here.




Narrabeen Lagoon Trail winds through bush, parklands and lush ecosystems that are home to over 190 bird species, such as egrets and black swans.

Strategically placed around the circuit are four picnic grounds, Middle Creek, Jamieson, Berry and Bilarong.

You can start the Narrabeen Lagoon circuit from any of these locations, all of them have car parks.

We’re describing this Narrabeen Lagoon Trail starting from Middle Creek Reserve.




Narrabeen Lagoon Trail – The Practical Details

Toilets: All four reserves have toilets. Berry Reserve has toilets at the northern end near the shops and playground, but not near the playground at the southern end.

Other facilities: All the reserves provide tables, shelters, electric barbecues and water bubblers.

Nearest takeaway coffee: Berry Reserve is surrounded by cafes and restaurants. None of the other reserves has shops close by.

Shade: Loads of shady trees.

Playground: Yes, the excellent Berry Reserve playground, one fabulous playground at Bilarong Reserve, read more here

Bus stop nearby: Yes. Pittwater Road shops at Narrabeen for Berry Reserve.

Parking: All four reserves have metered parking. Berry Reserve tends to fill up pretty quickly, as does Middle Creek on weekends.

Alternative free on-street Narrabeen Lagoon parking can be found in residential areas at North Narrabeen and Wheeler Heights.



Narrabeen Lagoon Trail Stroller Walk

Narrabeen Lagoon Walk in Stages

Middle Creek to Jamieson Park

The grounds at Middle Creek and the section of trail either side of it were the last pieces of infrastructure to be completed on the Narrabeen Lagoon Trail, and are still looking pretty schmick.

The path here is very smooth and heading right, to the south, you will soon pass the Sydney Academy of Sport and then cross the bridges.

Narrabeen Lagoon Trail Stroller Walk 9


This joins up with the old section of the trail to Jamieson Park where you walk through lush rainforest with endangered vegetation communities, such as Cabbage Palm Woodlands.


You really do feel a million miles away from Sydney.




Narrabeen Lagoon Trail Stroller Walk 7

Jamieson Park has toilets and picnic tables and is a good spot for a sit down to gaze over the tranquillity of the lagoon.

Narrabeen Lagoon Trail Stroller Walk 6
Narrabeen Lagoon Sydney from Jamieson Park




Jamieson Park to Berry Reserve

From Jamieson Park the walk continues along a path next to the road for a short distance around Narrabeen Lagoon before turning into a long narrow parkland that is Berry Reserve.

If tummies are rumbling by the time you reach Berry Reserve, stop and take advantage of the wide variety of eateries which line the trail  – the only spot on the trail where you can buy your lunch.

cafes at Narrabeen lake

Tip: if you get a takeaway and eat it at Berry Reserve, don’t feed the birds or they won’t leave you alone!


If you have children with you who spot the playground at Berry Reserve but you’re keen to move on, then persuade them that a better playground awaits at the next picnic ground on this Narrabeen walk – Bilarong Reserve.

Narrabeen Lagoon Trail Stroller Walk 2
Watching the ducks is a great joy of this walk for little kids




Bilarong Reserve 34 of 37
BBQs at Bilarong Reserve

Berry Reserve to Bilarong Reserve

The path is good and runs alongside the lagoon, then goes up alongside the road to cross the bridge. The traffic can be busy and noisy here. An overwater boardwalk is being constructed to relocate people away from the road and provide a unique experience crossing over the lagoon.

Follow the road to the left as it swings into Narrabeen Parkway. The Narrabeen Lagoon bush trail walk leaves the road and continues alongside the lagoon again as you enter Bilarong Reserve.

Bilarong Playground 0168
One of the many marvellous sculptures at Bilarong playground

Bilarong Reserve is a lovely open space with lovely grassy spaces for picnics and a delightful, huge playground.

If you have children who like playgrounds, then this stop on the Narrabeen Lakes walk is a must.  Read all about Bilarong playground here.




Bilarong Reserve to Middle Creek

The walk around Narrabeen Lagoon continues by hugging the foreshore back to Middle Creek, and includes a bridge and extensive boardwalk to protect the environmentally-sensitive foreshore here.

Narrabeen Lagoon Trail Stroller Walk 12

Some sections of this part of the Narrabeen track are a bit narrow and can feel congested if there are lots of walkers and cyclists around. A Narrabeen Lagoon run is also popular with joggers.

Read about cycling or running around the lagoon with kids here.

The wide views over the lagoon are lovely.

Narrabeen lake1



Once back at Middle Creek, you can relax and have a picnic (although I’d have already had mine at Bilarong) or just laze for a while.

Narrabeen Lagoon Trail Stroller Walk 10

Download a brochure about Narrabeen Lagoon Trail here.




Hope that you have enjoyed this guide to Narrabeen Lagoon Trail, please do add in your own thoughts in the comments!



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