North Sydney Olympic Pool – A Swim + Splash With A View

Oh, I do love North Sydney Pool, and my love has been true for almost 25 years.

I used to live at Milson’s Point and would have a swim here in the mornings before dashing up to work on The Midday Show With Ray Martin at Channel 9.

Those were the days!

When my big boys were wee boys we lived in North Sydney and they did some swimming lessons here just after the indoor pools were built.

NB North Sydney Olympic Pool has closed in March 2021 for a major update. It will be closed for two years. Oh no!!

North Sydney Pool

In the summer we’d swim and splash about in the outdoor kids’ pools. It was the ideal pool for my eldest with his Thomas The Tank Engine obsession, James, Gordon and even Thomas himself puffed regularly across the Harbour Bridge.

We moved further and further out to the ‘burbs, so coming to this most scenic of pools became a school holidays treat. I know it’s not the most family-orientated pool in Sydney, others are much groovier. But you can’t beat it for views and location. And it’s extra fab as a cool-down place after a visit to Luna Park.

North Sydney Olympic Pool

Alfred Street South, Milsons Point 2061

Phone: 9955 2309


Open: Monday–Friday 5.30am–9pm; Saturday–Sunday 7am–7pm.

Under fives free.

Pools: Indoors—25 metre indoor pool, wading pool, adult sauna and spa.

Outdoors: 50 metre pool, toddler pool, baby splash pool.

The pool with the best view in Sydney, tucked down beside the Harbour Bridge. If the view of the bridge is enjoyed more by the adults than the kids, fear not, the trains, boats and ferries will keep the littlies amused.

The facilities at this pool complex are excellent both inside and out. There is a grassy area upstairs near the 25 metre pool as well as beside the original toddler and baby pools.

Cafe: Cafe beside the 50 metre pool and children’s pools

Shade: Shadecloth over outdoors children’s pools

Strollers: No problems, lift between levels

Playground: No

Swim school: Yes

Creche: Yes

Gym: Yes

Sports shop: Yes

Membership available: Yes

Mum’s report: Great additions make this a pool that families can use all year round. A must-swim pool for visitors to Sydney.

Extra: Luna Park is right next door. The Harbour Bridge stroller walk commences near here (see page 227). Walk along the boardwalk past Luna Park to the Lavender Bay wharf then go under the railway to get to the good playground in Watt Park.

Parking: Meter street parking in Alfred Street South, the cost of the parking ticket can be discounted against entrance fee. Take parking ticket stub to pool reception.

Nearest station: Milsons Point is a 10-minute walk away

Nearest ferry: Milsons Point Wharf is by the pool

Bus stop nearby: Yes

North Sydney pool laps outdoors
Serious lap swimmers in the 50m outdoors pool
North Sydney Olympic Pool baby pools
The baby and toddler pools outdoors – deserted!
coins for the showers North Sydney Pool
You need to buy these coins to operate the hot showers
North Sydney Pool and Harbour Bridge
Hold me back, I want to be there now!!

North Sydney Olympic Pool Maps

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Can’t wait for the renovations to be done and then I will rewrite this article!

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  1. says: Hotly Spiced

    I love North Sydney pool too. I used to train there as a teenager. There just couldn’t be a more perfectly positioned pool in the whole world. I like to go there in the school holidays too. The only downside is the parking! xx

    1. says: Seana

      Yes, the parking can be tricky, but now I go under the bridge from the Kirribilli side and park under the bridge and walk round. Easier not that the kids can carry their own bloomin’ bags.

      Do you remember years ago when it was just the outdoor pool and it had a bubble over it in winter? I used to love doing backstroke and watching the seagulls feet running around on the roof.

  2. says: jane

    They do a great family day on Australia Day with inflatables etc. As its not really a family friendly pool it’s not nearly as crowded.

    1. says: Seana

      Ah yes, I remember reading the fliers and hinking it’d be a fab place to watch fireworks. One for the diary, thanks Jane.

  3. says: Jennifer D. Travis

    The water looks so refreshing! i bet it would be a whole lot of fun to go swimming there. I’ve never been to that place but i would love to. The place looks fun and clean. I bet a lot of people love to take a swim and relax in that place especially during the warm months as this can totally keep them cool. I want to try the bubbly wading pool indoors.

  4. says: Helen Dawes

    I used to swim there too for many years pre-kids…. hubby and I would lie on one of the concrete ‘window seats’ reading the Sunday paper… oh how life was simple then! always my favourite. Like you we are much further away now… Must try to get back there again. Is the 50m pool still a mix of salt and chlorine?

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Oh yes, I lay there too and read the papers… far away and long ago. Yes, the 50m pool is still salty. A friend’s husband stops there to swim on the way to work in the city and says that the lanes can be busy and a bit too serious. How good would it be to organise a get-together for old lapgs… swim, coffee, papers… the good old days, if briefly.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Robyn, let’s do a trip. I used to live near this pool in the late 1980s and swam there before work, those were the days. It’s a FANTASTIC place to swim at night, so beautiful. We must make a date. Very dear to my heart this place.

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