Nowra Aquatic Centre – Family Fun at Jervis Bay

Nowra Aquatic Park is having a makeover, and you’ll be thrilled with the upgrades if you visit.

This pool and slides is a great spot to visit with the family when you’re visiting the Shoalhaven area.

Nowra Aquatic park

The 50 metre pool has been upgraded and a splash playground for kids has been installed.

The huge old slides have been taken down and new slides should be in by Christmas 2015. We promise to post photos when they are in – we’ll be visiting for sure.

Just for the sake of nostalgia, here are some (terrible!) photos from years gone by.

Nowra Aquatic Park

20 Scenic Drive, Nowra NSW 2541

Tel: (02) 4429 5641

Website here.


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Posted on: November 4, 2015


  • Reply November 23, 2011


    You’re making me want to go for a swim! I am today so, you’re not in trouble.

    • Reply November 23, 2011


      Too wet for a swim today for me… actually that’s only because the twins are at preschool. I may take them to play at a pool tomorrow if it’s still raining, an indoor pool!

  • Reply November 23, 2011

    Ai Sakura

    my girl is still pretty young but she’s showing signs to be a mad slider!! haha.. happy WW 😛

    • Reply November 23, 2011


      Popping over to visit you at your blog!

  • Reply November 23, 2011


    Awesome photos. I wish the weather was like that today and I could go there.

    Do you know what has happened to My Little Drummer Boys and Wordless Wednesday. It is like the have dropped off the blogger platform.

    • Reply November 23, 2011


      I saw a tweet or Facebook message saying that Blogger wasn’t working. Isn’t the weather a shocker, it’s lovely to be home alone on a day like this. I’m off to cook, even lovelier.

  • Reply November 23, 2011


    Wow my children would be jealous and would love the enjoy the summer swimming there

  • Reply November 24, 2011


    I love love love our local pool. (Very very similar in vintage to this one.)

    Pook, lawns, the kiosk, the slides – everything.

    We go a lot, as a family. We stay all day.

    I blogged about it last year…


    • Reply November 24, 2011


      Morning Lucy, I am off to look at your photos. I’m taking my twins to a pool this morning, taking some photos and wearing them out early in the day! But the weather is dreadful here in Sydney so it’s an indoor pool for us- boo hoo.

  • Reply January 3, 2012

    fiona phillips

    Hi Seana, Loved reading your blog about nowra pool.Not sure if you are aware, but since Sep 2009, there has been a battle on to save the Nowra Pool from changing from community land to operational so that it could be sold off to developers. There was an immediate threat of closure of the pool in sep 2009 also. Happy to now say that after a what can only be described as an “interesting” battle the nowra pool site is not going to be sold & our local council have now seen the merits in an upgraded nowra pool as part of a great revitalised community riverfront & in dec 2011 voted to bring forward the funding to 2012|13 and 13|14 for the staged rebuild which includes a 50m pool heated for all year usage with 10 lanes & capable of being two 25m pools; water playground and slides; great outdoor eating area’s overooking the pool and river; upgraded amenities, etc as well as lightweight coverage in winter for all year usage but still an outdoor pool in the warmer months; possible gymnasium, water education centre as well as the hub for other water activites like paddle boat hire, fitness activities by the river, etc (so much potential). At this stage we’re pushing for a start in april 2013 with the first stage ready by nov 2013. Same great location, just with upgraded facilities.

    • Reply January 4, 2012


      Thanks for this info Fiona, I’d heard about the threat of closure but didn’t know it’d be getting so many improvements. That’s great news. Pools can be such a focus for communities, and it’s in the most gorge waterfront location.

      We were there yesterday in fact and I fulfilled a wee ambition by videoing going down the slides with a waterproof camera. All my four were leaping into the big pool and trying to swim right to the bottom, it’s very deep that pool.

      Do keep in touch. Many thanks, Seana

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