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You need a break, you know you do… and you deserve one. Or is it just me?? Not, it’s you too. All of us need a luxurious and interesting place to stay, with a layer of pampering and care, perhaps even some quirky decor, with a pop of colour… the Byng Street Boutique Hotel is top of the Orange luxury accommodation list. This is where to stay when you’re heading to Orange and in need of a complete recharge.

Byng Street Hotel 6

Orange is a wonderful location to have a break from the rigours of life. There are so many cool things to do and places to go, and all those wineries too of course.

The Byng Street Boutique Hotel is, hands down, the best luxury accommodation in Orange. It’s a true boutique hotel, with a boutique concierge service to match.

Byng Street Hotel 5
The very beautiful main lounge room at the Byng Street Hotel

Byng Street Boutique Hotel History

From the street, you see the heritage building that is the heart of the Byng Street Boutique Hotel. ‘Yallungah’ was the name of this grand home, built in 1896, which now has a bold, modern extension added to create a 22-room hotel.

‘Yallungah’ had been in one family since the 1930s, then was bought by the Nock family in 2014. It’s taken five years to create the hotel, including major renovations and expansion of the original building. Thomas and Kristen Nock now manage the hotel, bringing their decades of experience in the hospitality industry to this new family business.

Byng Street Hotel 4
The soaring height of the public rooms bring the grandness of the original building into the modern extension

Throughout the building and in each room are artworks by local artists Larissa Blake and Loretta Blake. Each room is unique, with a mixture of striking colour combinations. The interior design was done by local interior designer Louise Spicer.

Orange is renowned for its vineyards and wonderful local produce. The chef who cooks breakfast for guests each morning takes full advantage of the fresh flavours found in the fields and paddocks around town.

Byng Street Hotel 3
Deep jewel colours and striking patterns are used throughout the building
Byng Street Hotel
My idea of luxury… a huge bath with a window showing sky or stars

Now then, I hear you ask, have you stayed there yourself, Seana? Tragically, the answer is ‘not yet.’ I have visited the Byng Street Hotel and mooched around, and I know the owners Kristen and Thomas Nock pretty well. It’s been fascinating hearing about the hotel’s build and then its opening.

Good friends of mine have stayed there and reported back favourably. They had a lovely suite in the older part of the building.

‘We stayed in the Beech Tree Room which had a separate lounge area and coffee bar. The owners have clearly invested a great deal in the hotel and have blended the old with the new exceptionally well.

There are 22 rooms so it is certainly not crowded. We were there for the annual wine festival and the hotel was booked out, but the atmosphere remained quiet and inclusive for the guests. Breakfast with buffet for cereal/fruit and then a la carte cooked breakfast with an espresso is the perfect start to the day.’

Kevin Hilder
Byng Street Hotel 1
Byng Street Hotel 2
Byng Street Hotel Orange breakfast room
Breakfast is served. A two-course breakfast is included, served in beautiful surrounds.

Booking The Byng Street Hotel

The 4.5 star Byng Street Boutique Hotel can be booked via its website here.

Or you might like to give a call to the hotel on 02 5317 8200

Things To Do In Orange

  • A walk along Byng Street down to the Tourist Information Centre, where you’ll also find the Museum, Art Gallery and Library
  • A walk through Cook Park and around the delightful houses of Kite Street and Moulder Street
  • Coffee and/or lunch at the Byng Street Cafe
  • A visit to Ferment Orange Wince centre, which is just around the corner
  • More coffee and lunch at Anything Grows on Summer Street
  • Walk around Lake Canobolas, enjoy the walks too around Mount Canobolas

There are so many things to do in Orange, and wonderful places to eat.. and so many lovely vineyards to drink wine in! I recommend chatting to staff, maybe try to speak to Kristen or Thomas, and let them know what sorts of things you like to do and what sort of food you like and they can help you work out your itinerary.

A blogger I know called Delphine Mignon has written a really handy (and pretty) roundup of things to do in Orange on a romantic weekend away, so that’s well worth a read too.

But if you stay at the Byng Street Boutique Hotel, there’s every reason to do not very much, and to simply enjoy spending time in the beautiful surrounds.

Happy travels!


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