The Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort- Photos and Mini-Review from 2012 holiday

It all seems far away and long ago now.  Oh take me back!

We did enjoy our time at the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort on the Coral Coast.

It was quite the perfect location for our family of teens and twins.  If we were a perfect family, it’d have been the perfect holiday!

But all the members of our family are deeply imperfect and so we had a fair amount of arguing, diva behaviour (not from me) and general naughtiness.

But in a gorgeous tropical setting!

Here are some photos of the Outrigger and a few thoughts on what worked for us. I hope other families will find this useful.

The top photo is the lagoon itself at low tide.  The resort is right on this lagoon, which has been created by a fringing coral reef.

Outrigger On The Lagoon lagoon high tide

At high tide, guests can kayak and snorkel. There are some lovely patches of coral, not a huge amount but enough to keep us happy.

We love a tropical fruit feast as part of a resort’s buffet breakfast

Outrigger On The Lagoon bure

Next time, we’d love to stay in a couple of bures, if we could ever manage to book far enough ahead to get them.

Outrigger On The Lagoon main building

We stayed in this very large building which doesn’t look pretty at all but the rooms were great inside. It would have been harder if we had little kids or strollers.

Outrigger On The Lagoon view

The bonus was the view from the room – just spectacular.

Outrigger On The Lagoon firewalking

This firewalking show is done at the resort, looks painful! My boys were so disappointed not to be allowed to have a go though.

Outrigger On The Lagoon main pool

The resort pool, it’s gigantic! We spent most of our time round this pool.

Outrigger On The Lagoon main pool

Minnie the Minx had her hair braided in the little bure you can see here.

Outrigger On The Lagoon pool kids

It was a bloomin’ hard life.

Outrigger On The Lagoon pool bridge

The twins loved this little bridge.

Outrigger On the Lagoon kiddy pool

Here they are at the rocky area at the main pool.

Outrigger On The Lagoon girl jumps

And here’s a leaping Minnie over at the (not heated) jacuzzi pool.

Outrigger On The Lagoon kids water play

Which is at the end of the kids’ waterplay area. Watery mecca for the kids.

Outrigger On The Lagoon boys drink milkshakes

Dexbox and Rusty Rocket were frequent visitors to the New Zealand Naturals ice cream and milkshake bar.

Who is this glamourpuss with the wide, cheesy grin?

 Those were the bloody days!!

 Not a dishwasher or washing machine in sight.

Have you been to Fiji too?

Can you relate to being the very imperfect family causing trouble in paradise?



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Posted on: August 27, 2012


  • Reply August 27, 2012


    I totally get the perfect holiday with imperfect family, though our Fiji holiday was not as lovely as yours as we were really disappointed with the resort we stayed at. The Outrigger looks fabulous. Will definitely keep it in mind if we get the urge to go to Fiji again.

  • I love Fiji. We have been there twice. The first time we stayed on Plantation Island which was magic, but I hear it is quite run down now? The second time we stayed on the Coral Coast and it was fantastic. I love the people, they are so friendly and there is so much for the kids to do. I’d love to go again one day.

    • Reply August 29, 2012


      I’m dreaming of going again next year. You know what I loved? It’s seeing great big guys with a flower behind their ear, totally gorgeous and a vision of loveliness! I didn’t manage to photograph any of the guys but will make sure I do next time. Love the combination of manliness and the prettiness and colour of the flowers.

  • Reply August 21, 2013

    budget jan

    No I have not been to Fiji, hence I am reading your blog post. It all looks fan-bloody-tastic. I particularly like that you too have imperfect family holidays. We have had many holidays with diva behaviour (not all mine) and hair pulling out (me). But now the offenders have grown and matured and no longer holiday with us!

    • Reply August 23, 2013

      Seana Smith

      LOL I can’t quite believe it will ever ever happen…. imagine how cheap travel will be again once our four have flown the coop. Or stopped being invited, whichever comes first.

      But better not hold my breath, twins are only 7.

  • Reply December 13, 2014

    Miss Chardy

    Hi Seana, just found you through Kirralee at Escape With Kids. Just checking out Fiji. Did you have to get a couple of rooms, or do they have family rooms/apartment type rooms? Just looking on their website and it seems they only cater for families that have 4, it seems that a “Family” only has 4 people in it…..where as my family has 5 and I am just discovering the difficulties with accommodation. Thanks.

    • Reply December 13, 2014

      Seana Smith

      Hello there, we are six so it really is a problem! At the Outrigger we had two rooms, they also have the bures which can sleep five. I’d email them or give them a call and have a chat about it. Now that my big boys are a couple of years older and full-size men, I’m not sure we could manage two rooms… but the cost of three would be enormous. It really is a good spot, so much for the kids to do.

    • Reply December 13, 2014

      Seana Smith

      PS How lovely to meet you, I just had a quick look at your blog and will pop back to roam around it once dinner is cooked and eaten – we live in hope.

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