Photos From The Padma Resort at Legian in Bali

Here are some photos of the very lovely Padma Hotel at Legian Beach in Bali!

This huge dragon has a cave behind him.

Beauty and her beast- my little daughter loves this lion.

Rusty Rocket loves leaping around. His boisterousness is cool for the pool but was a lot less appreciated on the flight over.

The hotel has koi ponds galore and the kids are enjoying tickling them- fish harassment, I call it.




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Posted on: September 30, 2018


  • Reply September 30, 2011


    Whoa! Your resort looks amazing. I hope you have the best time.

    Totally green with envy 🙂

  • Reply October 7, 2011

    Benison O'Reilly

    Very envious. Do you recommend the resort? Thinking of 2012 holiday.

    • Reply October 7, 2011


      Must natter when we get back, which is tomorrow, horribly early.

      I loved the Padma, Kathryn says the Dynasty would be better for the little kids as it has great pools, better kids facilities, long slide etc.

      Also, have a look at: Semara Resort and Spa too, kids club sounds amazing

      OR if not in need of kids club, maybe a villa, like we are in now, very gorgeous… and I cannot recommend highly enough the lovely driver for hire Soody:
      who is about to take twins and I for our final expedition, to the Butterfly Park.

  • Reply October 9, 2011


    Luckiest of the lucky ducks! x

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