Parramatta River Foreshore Playground

Parramatta River Foreshore Playground pic

Who’s been to Parramatta River Foreshore Playground??

Quick, pack the kids and the car and get over there!

How much fun did my kids have on this scenic playground on the foreshore of the Parramatta River?

We’d come by Rivercat from Circular Quay and the kids all needed to stretch their legs and have a play after the journey.

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And here’s a great spot for it.

Parramatta River Foreshore Playground_2


Parramatta River Foreshore Playground

North side of the Foreshore Park, access from Elizabeth Street

Build on a steep slope, this playground is terrific for teenagers, older children and bold younger ones.  You need to keep a really close eye on toddlers and preschoolers as the river is so close and not fenced off.

There’s a long and steep slide, a smaller slide, a climbing wall and a challenging steep rope net.

The rope bridge is pretty long and great for adults too – yes, I tried it all out. Love the slide.

There’s a sand play area and water play space too.

Toilets/Baby Change: Toilets are on the south side of the river, near the ferry terminal and cafe called Port Bar

Nearest Coffee: The Port Bar is by the ferry terminal across the river and east a bit.

Enclosed: Definitely not and it’s right beside the river, so could be very dangerous for little ones

Shade: Not a great deal, but trees are growing

Extra: All the joys of Parramatta Park are a walk away, ditto Parramatta Swimming Centre and the great cafes and restaurants of Church Street

Parking:  Street parking around Elizabeth Street

Ferry:  Parramatta ferry terminal is a two minute walk away

Nearest Station: Parramatta is a 10-15 minute walk away

Bus Stop: Yes

Here’s 16 seconds of fun and games on video.

Parramatta River Foreshore Playground_6

Parramatta River Foreshore Playground_5

Parramatta River Foreshore Playground_4

Parramatta River Foreshore Playground_3
Parramatta River Foreshore Playground_1


This is a lovely spot and great to include on a family trip to visit Parramatta.

Have you visited yet?


Seana xx







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Posted on: September 22, 2016


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