Healthy Mum- Personal Training For Beginners Part 1

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Here’s the inside scoop on my recent bout of personal training, all thanks to my very lucky raffle win and the fit and fab people at my local Vision PT.

I’m on a nine week program there and they’ve been so good to me. Plus they have donated more prizes to my son’s school fundraiser.  Wonder if I could be double lucky and win again?

Anyway, I’d often driven past personal training studios and wonder what went on within.

If you’ve ever done the same, here’s the scoop on VisionPT:

The studio is like a small and very personal gym, with good equipment. You can visit anytime you like just to use the equipment.

You see your trainer at the gym either once or twice a week, or more if you choose.

Training sessions last just 30 mins, which includes a final five minute stretch with your trainer (the best bit!)

Each studio runs group training sessions too e.g. circuits, boxing, walks and running, all included in the costs.

I’ve mostly done weights sessions with my trainer, and do the cardio on my own.  The couple of cardio sessions I have done with my trainer have been SO much harder than I usually do – sweat, sweat!

Vision training starts off with a lot of discussions about your body type, your food and exercise habits and your goals.  The Vision software program crunches all your info and comes up with an eating plan and exercise program.

The VisionPT website has heaps of advice, plus lots of inspiration.  Members have a large private section to use, with really useful videos and food planning areas that fill in all the macronutrients of the foods you enter.

I am AMAZED!  No, let me be more emphatic about that… I am AMAZED at how little weight training one needs to do to change your shape and most importantly to make you feel amazingly good.

Two 25-minute sessions a week have made my body feel quite, quite different.  I feel very strong, can feel all sorts of muscles and my wobbly legs and arms are becoming so much much less wobbly – hooray!

So far, so good. I can’t say the eating part has been easy, or simple.  I’ve had to learn a lot and will share that in Part 2 of my Personal Training Adventures next week.

Have you used a personal training studio?  Does its programs and philosophies sound similar?  I’d really love to hear of your experiences?

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Posted on: September 1, 2011


  • Reply September 2, 2011

    Benison O'Reilly

    Well done Seana. Another friend and autism mum (TP) has done the same thing and lost 4.5kg. She looks fabulous! I am a great advocate for exercise as a mood lifter and go to the gym or personal training session twice a week – should be more but I can’t manage that. And what better way to lift your mood than having less wobbly bits!

    • Reply September 2, 2011


      Good on her, and on you too. I’ve just had an email via Black Dog on this very subject. I’m really stunned at how much better I feel physically. Also need to add that I really like the young woman who trains me; she is funny and nice and really encouraging.

  • Reply September 3, 2011


    That is so fantastic – love hearing how good people are feeling after exercise. I’m noticing a huge difference myself incorporating two to three strength training sessions a week. I’m using DVD’s at home and the cross trainer at the gym – fabulous combination and I too am amazed at how great I feel. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Reply September 5, 2011


      Hi Shelley, I’d love to hear the names of the DVDs. My husband has some weights here and I’m going to have a wee go with them today, plus am running up and down the stairs as am not going to gym but need to move. Have my pedometer in my bra (great place for it!) and am amazed at how little I move on a home/work day when kids are out.

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