Pirrama Park Playground at Pyrmont Point – Sydney’s Best Harbourside Playgrounds

Ah, this playground is sublime, right on the glittering blue harbour, great views.

But a horror if you have a wild child who might leap into that glittering harbour.

If you do, steer well clear, this playground will wait until your child has calmed down.

Pirrama Park playground pyrmont

Huge sand play area has shade, lovely.

Pirrama Park playground pyrmont

Water fountains to play in and plenty of seats to enjoy the views.

Pirrama Park playground pyrmont

Love the very modern rope climbing frames.

Pirrama Park Playground

Pirrama Road, Pyrmont

This playground is part of Pirrama Park, right at the end of Harris Street. It’s a groovy playground with an inner-city feel, set right on the working part of Sydney Harbour.

The equipment is good, especially the water spouts, fantastic on a hot day in the city.  There are swings, a terrific rope climbing frame, great big sandpit under shade. The kids will love the spicas and slides as well.

There’s plenty of grassy space to kick a ball in this park,  though you may lose a few into the water if you kick too hard.

There are nice wide, flat concrete paths which are good for bikes and trikes.

Enjoy the urban harbour views from the shaded picnic tables or the many benches. Dangle your feet into the water to stay cool.

Cafe: Pirrama Park Cafe is right beside the playground, with plenty seats in the shade.

Toilets:  Yes, modern ones beside the cafe.

Fenced: Not at all, and right beside the water

Shade: Yes, some from trees and umbrellas

Parking : Some spaces at the end of Harris Street and more on Pirrama Road, can get very busy though.

Extra: Enjoy a stroller walk around the paths in Pirrama park.

Map: see below

Pirrama Park playground pyrmont

Love a groovy basin at the toilets.

Pirrama Park playground pyrmont

Here’s the Pirrama Park cafe, plenty of shade

Pirrama Park Cafe Pirrama Park playground pyrmont

And here’s the kids’ menu

Pirrama Park Cafe view 2

Pirrama Park Cafe – seen from water side

Pirrama Park Pirrama Park playground pyrmont

You can sit by the water, dangle your toes in. This is right beside the play area.

Pirrama Park playground pyrmont

Swings in the playground

Pirrama Park playground pyrmont

Shaded BBQs and picnic tables

Pirrama Park playground pyrmont

Plenty of space in Pirrama Park for picnics and ball games. Great cityscape views

Pirrama Park Pyrmont views

Views over to Balmain from Pirrama Park

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Have you visited Pirrama Park playground?

What’s your favourite harbourside playground?

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Posted on: October 1, 2012


  • Reply October 2, 2012


    This park looks awesome … but I think you are right that it might be best to wait until my little ones are older. It is a shame that it is not fenced.

    • Reply October 2, 2012


      I am amazed sometimes that playgrounds aren’t always fenced by water. Two of mine would be straight in there. In fact Mr6 might still leap in but he’s a good swimmer so would survive. This park would have been my worst nightmare for many years. Gorgeous for me now but I like to be REALLY clear for other families when a playground has dangers.

  • Reply October 2, 2012


    I agree I wish that parks close to water where had playgrounds fenced. But I think I might give it a go if I just have one of them … easy to chase. 🙂

    • Reply October 4, 2012


      Your life will be SO much easier when they can swim well enough to stay afloat for a bit. I had terrible times when T. was still at the sinking like a stone stage.

  • Reply January 2, 2016


    Is it possible to get there by ferry?

    • Reply January 2, 2016

      Seana Smith

      Hello Kathryn, no there isn’t a ferry that goes nearby. There are buses that go all the way down Harris Street in Pyrmont. If you are a visitor to Sydney staying locally in darling Harbour or the CBD it’s a very short taxi ride.

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