Sydney’s Best Playgrounds – Putney Park Playground (updated)


Putney Park playground water play Sydney

Putney Park playground is a marvellous place!  This is a water play playground, fine for a very sunny winter’s day and just sublime in summer. My family has been having fun at Putney Park for over a decade…..mostly nude.

The humungous slide is a big draw for the older children, little ones need to sit on mum or dad’s lap though, it’s pretty scary.

Putney Park playground sydney water play

Putney Park Playground

Pellisier Road Putney 2112


Putney Park playground sydney water play

The water features make this is terrific spot for the under fives, though they always have to be watched very closely.

The water play area has two landscaped paddling pools linked by a little river. There is a bubble beach area and lots of space for kids to splash about, plus huge coloured squares, pyramids and balls dotted here and there which the kids can play around.

Just beside the water play area is a tall metal trellis structure with lots of steps. At the top is the entrance to the long tube slide where a notice clearly states that young children must be accompanied by an adult. This is a swift and very thrilling slide, the longest seen in Sydney by the author.

Putney Park playground sydney water play

There is also is a very adventurous playground close to the water at the northern end of the park. Lots of the equipment is beyond the reach of most under fives but it’s good for older siblings.

There is a pyramid-shaped rope climbing frame in the park and a junior play structure. Beside these on the flat grassy area are barbecues and shaded picnic tables.

Nearest takeaway coffee: BYO

Toilets: Toilet blocks beside both playground areas

Shade: Yes

Enclosed: No, but the water play area is semi-enclosed by a stone wall. No fencing along Parramatta River.

Mum’s report: This is a lovely spot, especially if you have children of different ages, or need to bring little ones with big ones. The little ones love splashing in the pools and river and the big ones can spend ages climbing in the huge rope structure and scare themselves silly in the tube slide.

Parking: Free carpark near water play area, entrance in Pellisier Road

Putney Park playground sydney water play

 Putney Park playground water play sydney

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What’s your favourite Sydney Playground?

Happy playing


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Posted on: July 12, 2018


  • Reply June 9, 2011


    That’s what I like doing on cold, miserable days. Pictures of the beach and sunshine always make me happy.
    BTW that playground looks amazing!

  • Reply June 9, 2011

    Deep Fried Fruit

    OH yes, please roll around summer. Lucky for me I am getting a little dose in a few weeks …. Waikiki here I come!!!
    Found you via D2F.

  • Reply June 9, 2011


    Oh I hear you. I have swimming pool snaps in a folder so I can break out from the winter gloom. And another folder of Darwin Days so I can attempt to recall some steamy humidity….

    Thanks for linking up to Drab to Fab!


  • Reply June 10, 2011


    Wow! What an awesome slide, I will put sliding down that on my bucket list – er um I mean, to take the kids there of course…
    Summer reflections, what a wonderful way to while away winter woes.


  • Reply September 19, 2011


    Just wanted to share NSW best park (well, in my opinion anyway). Newcastle has one that puts all Sydney parks to shame. I went there last week and was blown away by the amount of things for kids to play in/on/around. The park is at Speers point on Lake Macquarie and last weekend had easily over 1000 kids playing at it when we were there. It’s FREE, suits kids of all ages from 1 year olds to teens, and for the older kids has a 9m high slide!

    Here’s the list of things at the park (and I’m sure it’s missing things!)
    The existing playground includes:

    Wheelchair accessible play boat;
    Decks, ramps and climbing frames;
    Music play elements;
    Custom designed spider web net;
    Spinning equipment;
    Swings including a Liberty swing;
    Two double bed slides;
    Picnic tables, seats, BBQs and bubblers;
    Fully enclosed in childproof fencing;
    Public toilets are located just outside the playground;
    Accessible water play;
    A giant 9 metre spiral slide;
    Major climbing structures and nets;
    A performance stage and mini ‘amphitheatre’;
    A quiet zone retreat specifically designed to allow children to have some time out in a more passive environment ;
    A variety of swings that can be used by all ages and people with varying disabilities;
    Tactile orientation totem poles for people with visual impairments;
    Ramps and access ways to enable wheelchair access to almost all play areas including first level of the major climbing structure and the performance stage;
    Public amenities – family toilet cubicles and an accessible change room. Both fitted with Master Locksmith Accessible Key locks (MLAK).

    Well worth a look if you’re up that way!!!

    • Reply September 19, 2011


      Wow! That sounds amazing. I just went to the website and feel like packing the car tonight and heading up there tomorrow. Would love to keep hearing about cool places.

      Would you mind if I turned your list and comment into a blog post? A bit of a guest post on this playground??

  • Reply January 28, 2012

    x S.K.K x

    wow wow wow I must put this on my to do list! looks awesome!!!

    • Reply January 28, 2012


      Yes, it’s great fun and pretty shady. I’m still amazed that the council hasn’t fenced off the Parramatta River, but it’s fine so long as your kids aren’t mad bolters.

  • Reply January 28, 2012


    Awesome playground – that slide looks huge! Totally get how you and your family could spend Sri many hours there. Bet you have many fond memories.

  • Reply January 28, 2012

    Life In A Pink Fibro

    That looks great! I’ve never been there either. Thank heavens I have you to show me what we’re missing out on!

    Visiting via the Rewind.

  • Reply January 28, 2012


    What a great place. I never knew it existed. Thanks for the tip!

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